Taking Steps Together Program


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Roman Gonzalez, CHW Sr. – 612-352-5892

Taking Steps Together (TST) is a nutrition and healthy lifestyle education program for families who are living with or are concerned about childhood obesity. Through weekly goal-setting, families will work toward healthy lifestyle changes. Families will share their experiences, learn from each other and contribute to the growth of the program.

Families are referred by their primary care provider within the HCMC system. Classes are facilitated by pediatric and nutrition health professionals in English and Spanish.

Learn about healthy food

  • Learn why the way we eat matters.
  • Learn how to prepare healthy meals and snacks in class.
  • Learn new cooking styles and recipes and share your favorites with other families and staff. Your family will create a "food file," an organization and learning tool that is used to file new food information and recipes. Check out our our recipe blog. There are several recipes to try!

Be more active

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  • Experiment with a variety of physical activities, group and individual, from Zumba and Yoga to Ultimate Frisbee. We will work out together.
  • Spend time outside in nature.
  • Learn why moving your body is important.
  • Play fun group games.

Enjoy family time

  • Celebrate eating together as a family.
  • Play together as a family.
  • Discuss parenting, relationships and attitudes.
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