Taking Steps Together Program: FAQs

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How long is the program?
17 weeks. Families attend class for two hours once each week.

Who can attend?
The whole family.

Who runs the program?
A team of community health workers, pediatric specialists and nutrition professionals.

How does my family get into the program?
Your primary care provider at HCMC will refer you. Talk with them to see if TST if right for you and your family.

Will the program cost me anything?
Probably not. The program is covered by insurance for most of our participating families. You may want to check with your insurance provider prior to joining the class.

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What language is used?
All programs are bilingual (English/Spanish).

When do classes start?
Classes generally start in January, April and August.

How is the program supported?
The program is generously supported by a SHIP grant from Hennepin County Public Health.