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We provide complimentary, pre-paid renal biopsy kits. Each kit contains Zeus transport media, fixatives, and formalin, as well as the necessary paperwork.

Since tissue submitted in this media is stable for 24 hours, specimens can be sent from anywhere in the United States.

Renal Biopsy Kit Instructions (PDF)
Assessment of Tissue Adequacy (PDF)

To request a renal biopsy kit, call 612-873-3079, e-mail, or use the submission form below. If you will not be using one of our kits to send your biopsy material, please make sure to include the Renal Biopsy Interpretation Request form with your shipment.

Renal Biopsy Kit Order Form

Please fill out the form below and then click the Submit button. The form will be delivered electronically to a representative from our Renal Pathology Service.

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