Neuromuscular Pathology

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Lab Receiving Hours:
Monday – Friday, 7:00AM – 2:30PM

The Neuromuscular Pathology laboratory has been providing services for over 30 years by a competent, experienced technical and professional staff. Quality interpretation of approximately 300 neuromuscular biopsy specimens is provided annually for the Midwest area. Consultation by telephone is available with formal reports mailed or faxed to the requesting physicians and medical records department.

Contact Lab Request Forms / Instructions
Lab Number: 612-873-2175
After Hours Number: 612-873-3001
Fax: 612-904-4240
Neuromuscular Pathology Request Form (PDF)
Immunohistochemistry Request Form (PDF)
Specimen Preparation Instructions (PDF)
Neuromuscular Pathology Staff
  Stephen A. Smith, MD
Medical Director
Adam Loavenbruck Small Photo Adam Loavenbruck, MD 612-873-3293

Our Services

Neuromuscular Pathology
More than 300 neuromuscular specimens are processed yearly by the EM/Neuromuscular Laboratory with Pathologic interpretation by Dr. Stephen A. Smith. Personal consultation for directing essential testing and services is available to the clinician by experienced and specialized medical staff. Detailed instructions for handling muscle and nerve tissue samples can be faxed or sent with the proper fixatives for the requested studies to be done by calling (612) 873-2175. Access the Specimen Preparation Instructions.

Methodology and Reporting
Neuromuscular Pathology Features Graphic Muscle light microscopy, enzyme histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, and electron microscopy are performed on each case when requested. Nerve light microscopy, resin embedded light microscopy, nerve teasing and electron microscopy are performed on nerve tissues, as requested. The results of each of these studies are integrated with the clinical presentation to provide a final interpretation of the patient's neuromuscular disease. Specimens received are processed immediately and a preliminary report is available by phone in 3 days. The final report is usually ready within seven to ten days.