Ellen M. Coffey, MD

General Internal Medicine

Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

"It's a privilege to hear patient stories and to use best practices to manage health problems and work toward health. My patients have taught me to listen not only to a review of symptoms, but to other concerns that can affect wellbeing. Together, we prioritize and start a plan, check to see if it's working or needs to be tweaked or overhauled! It can be a challenge to get the right care at the right time in the right place, but my clinic doesn't give up."

Clinical Expertise

As a general internist, Dr. Coffey provides care for adults in clinic, hospital and nursing home settings. With a background in occupational therapy before medical school, she brings a practical approach and focus on function and a biopsychosocial model to care. She has particular interests in prevention, chronic disease management, the integration of medical and psychiatric care, and care of older adults.


  • Board certified in Internal Medicine


  • Fellow, American College of Physicians

Professional Affiliations

  • American College of Physicians


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"I love the best of our four seasons in Minnesota! I like to be outside, hearing live music, and exploring new places locally and beyond."


Medical School

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA


Internal Medicine, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA