Jack Carver, LAc, Dipl.CH

Integrative Health

Jack Carver received his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Northern School of Chinese Medicine in 1991. He is a licensed acupuncturist and is nationally board certified in Chinese Herbal therapy. Over the years he has continued his education with extensive seminars and workshops on various treatment and healing techniques including Three Heart Balancing. He has been with HCMC since 1993. In addition to his clinical duties, he supervises the off-site public health programs that the Alternative Medicine Clinic offers in several chemical and mental health facilities. Jack is also a past president of the Acupuncture Association of Minnesota.

Jack specializes in treating joint pain, particularly in the knees, ankles and foot pain including plantar fascitis. Patients with complaints of vertigo, headache and high blood pressure respond well to Jacks treatment. Jack is a gentle soul who has a unique ability to treat people in pain and concomitant mental health issues.

Jacks other interests include Ayurvedic Medicine, energy healing and Japanese Style Acupuncture.