Sleep Medicine Fellowship: Faculty

Dedicated Staff with a Passion for Teaching

About Our Faculty

Eleven core faculty lead the Sleep Medicine Fellowship, each holding staff positions at HCMC or the University of Minnesota-Fairview. In addition to clinical practice, research, and teaching in the Twin Cities, our faculty are nationally recognized for their work and active within the field of sleep medicine.

Dr. Con Iber is past president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and recipient of the Nathaniel Kleitman Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Michael Howell is a founding board member of the Minnesota Sleep Society and member of the executive committee of the American Academy of Neurology, Sleep Section. Dr. Carlos Schenck is past president of the International REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Study Group and recipient of the William Dement Award.

Past faculty include Dr. Mark Mahowald, who discovered REM sleep behavior disorder, received the William Dement Award, and was past president of American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Program leadership

  • Dr. Muna Irfan, Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program Director
  • Dr. Ranji Varghese, Medical Director, Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center, HCMC
  • Dr. Tereza Cervenka, Sleep Medicine Site Director, University of Minnesota

Areas of Expertise

Every day our faculty share their dedication and expertise in a variety of key disciplines.

Pediatric Sleep
Dr. Armantina Espinosa
Dr. John Garcia
Dr. Helena Molero

Sleep, Pulmonary and Critical Care
Dr. Michele LeClaire
Dr. Umesh Goswami
Dr. Terezea Cervenka
Dr. Con Iber

Sleep Psychiatry
Dr. Carlos Schenck
Dr. Ranji Varghese

Sleep Neurology
Dr. Muna Irfan
Dr. Michael J. Howell
Dr. Erin Golden

Sleep Psychology
Dr. Samantha Anders

Dental Sleep Medicine
Dr. Dennis Haley

Sleep and ENT
Dr. Jennifer Hsia
Dr. Stephanie Contag

Sleep and Internal Medicine/Family Medicine
Dr. Chandra M. Cherukari
Dr. Snigdha Pulsavidyasagar