Sleep Medicine Fellowship: Curriculum

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Sleep Neuroscience

About Our Curriculum

Sleep Medicine Fellowship Curriculum Highlights Graphic

The Sleep Medicine curriculum provides a comprehensive education in clinical sleep medicine for adults and children, with emphasis on sleep neuroscience. As an academic healthcare system, we maintain a well-earned reputation for our collegial atmosphere and supportive environment that fosters learning and discovery. Our forward-thinking approach emphasizes multidisciplinary collaboration, hands-on clinical skills, and the latest technology, all to deliver exceptional patient care.

We collaborate with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Magnetic Resonance Research to access the latest imaging technology for sleep medicine research. Fellows evaluate, monitor, and treat sleep disorders with cutting-edge equipment, including remote access to polysomnograms, and new home polysomnographic recording and interpretive equipment. Both sites incorporate the EPIC electronic medical records system.

While there is no research requirement within the program, we enthusiastically support the individual research pursuits of our fellows. The Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center has a long history of discovery and innovation, and participates in a number of ongoing clinical trials. We are actively investigating REM sleep behavior disorder and its relationship to Parkinson’s disease, as well as other parasomnias.

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