Sleep Medicine Fellowship: Alumni

Strong Post-Fellowship Options

Program Results

The Sleep Medicine Fellowship prepares graduates for clinical and academic research positions.

Since 2005, 100% of our graduates who have taken the sleep medicine board exams have achieved passing scores.

Class of 2015

Fritz Jean-Noel, MD, HealthEast Care System, St. Paul, Minnesota
Yosef Wexler, MD, Children’s Pediatric Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota

Class of 2014

Helena Molero, MD, University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics, Minneapolis, MN

Class of 2013

Louis Kazaglis, MD, Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN
Kavish Garg, MD, Keystone Behavioral Health, Chambersburg, PA

Class of 2012

Tacjana Friday, MD, Noran Neurological Clinic, Blaine, MN
Umesh Goswami, MD, University of Minnesota, Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship, Minneapolis, MN
Jane Dever, MD, HealthPartners Sleep Health Center, Maplewood, MN
Armais Akovbyan, MD, DO, Sharon Regional Health System, Hermitage, PA