Geriatric Medicine Fellowship: Faculty

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About Our Faculty

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A shared commitment to exceptional senior care unites our faculty—and our fellows. Our large and collaborative staff take a hands-on approach to teaching. All core faculty hold positions at HCMC and the University of Minnesota.

The Geriatric Medicine faculty have served as national and international leaders in academic and specialty organizations. Dr. Kerzner is past president of the Association of Specialty Professors and former International Accreditation Site Visitor for geriatric medicine fellowship programs.

Program leadership

Dr. Lawrence J. Kerzner, Program Director, Geriatric Medicine Fellowship and Program Director and Preceptor for Ambulatory Clinic, Home Care and Vulnerable Adult/Protective Services, Biomedical Ethics at HCMC; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota

Dr. Abigail Holley, Preceptor, Home Visit and Clinic, HCMC; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota, Chair, Fellowship Clinical Competency Committee

Dr. Anne M. Murray, Associate Program Director for Research, HCMC; Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota

Dr. Martha L. McCusker, Preceptor for Long-Term Care and Hospice/Palliative Care, Biomedical Ethics, HCMC; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota

Dr. Roberta M. Meyers, Assistant Medical Director for Quality Documentation, Preceptor for Long-Term Care and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, HCMC; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota

Dr. Bernadette Kim Quadling, Geriatric Medicine Faculty, HCMC; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota

Selected Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Scaletta A, Kerzner L. Uncommon cause of lateral hip pain and gait abnormality: A case of gluteus medius tear. Presented at American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Orlando FL. JAGS 2014:62(S-1) Abstract A8
  • Olson E, Kerzner LJ, Clark HB, McCarten JR. Alzheimer's disease or hippocampal sclerosis? A clinical and pathologic comparison between two patients with dementia. Presented at American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting, Orlando FL. JAGS 2014;62(S-1) Abstract B14
  • John C. Stendahl, MD phD; Brooke M. Heubner, MS; David E. Tupper, PhD; Lauren McPherson; Kate Miley; Anne M. Murray, MD MS. Cognitive impairment in chronic kidney disease. Preliminary results of the BRINK study. Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, July 2013, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Murray, AM. Vitamin D: an intervention for cognitive impairment in hemodialysis patients that could make sense. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2013 Jun; 8(6): 896-7.
  • Kerzner, LJ. Approach to Dementia—2012. Minnesota American College of Physicians annual meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 2, 2012.
  • Kerzner, LJ. Update in geriatric medicine education. MMDA Topics in Geriatric Medicine and Medical Direction. 2011; 32(6): 1-6.
  • Kerzner, LJ. Cognitive impairment; focus on executive dysfunction. Hennepin County Vulnerable Adult Law Enforcement Team, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 16, 2011.
  • Murray, AM. Exploring mysteries of dementia: researchers study links to kidney disease, diabetes, cardiovascular health. Minnesota Physician. December 15, 2010.
  • Kurtakoti SS, Kerzner, LJ. Screening for post-traumatic stress disorders in Somali elders through physician home visits. Presented at American Medical Directors Annual Education Meeting, Long Beach, California, 2010. (Geriatric Medicine Fellow as co-author)
  • Holley, AP Gorawara-Bhat R, Dale W, Hemmerich J, Cox-Hayley D. Palliative Access Through Care at Home: experiences with an urban, geriatric home palliative care program. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2009 Oct; 57(10): 1925-31.
  • Holley A, Kravet SJ, Cordts G. Documentation of Code Status and Discussions of Goals of Care in Critically Ill Hospitalized Patients. J Crit Care. 2009 June; 24(2): 288-92.
  • Buen, C, McCusker, ML. Complex decision-making in a patient with sickle cell diseases. Approaches in Critical Care 2009: 3:2-5.
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