Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

One-On-One Training in Public and Private Environments

About Our Program

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Physicians choose the Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at HCMC for its outstanding focus on clinical training and research, and its dual-site program, which showcases the full range of cardiovascular services and patient pathology in both public and private hospital settings.

Our fellows rotate at HCMC, one of the leading Level I Trauma Centers and public training hospitals in the country, and at the Minneapolis Heart Institute® of Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, an internationally recognized private practice medical center. At both locations, our fellows work one-on-one with practicing faculty, utilizing the latest technology to treat patients of all backgrounds.

Our small size—admitting just two fellows per year—ensures individual attention and a true voice in the program for each participating physician. Working together, we train cardiovascular disease specialists with superb clinical skills, a lifelong commitment to learning, and the ability to function as leaders in their medical communities.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Commitment to education. Training isn't a sideline at HCMC; it's a core part of our culture, reflected in our emphasis on learning, innovation, and collaboration. Nearly 300 physicians study with us each year as residents, fellows, and medical students. After 40 years of educating cardiovascular specialists in partnership with the University of Minnesota Medical School, we launched our own Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship and enrolled our first fellows in 2011.
  • Focused clinical approach. Cardiovascular education at HCMC means practical, hands-on training to produce the best specialists in the field. From day one, our fellows experience the full spectrum of cardiovascular cases, including advanced heart failure and transplants at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, and cardiothoracic surgery, peripheral arterial disease, and cardiovascular diagnostic and interventional procedures at HCMC. Our fellows also gain access to one of the most extensive collections of cardiac specimens to study examples of congenital and acquired heart disease.
  • Individual attention and leadership. Admitting just two fellows per year offers unprecedented learning and leadership opportunities. Every day, we pair each fellow with a faculty member for all clinical activities. In addition, HCMC's role as a major public teaching hospital allows fellows to consult with patients and providers across the organization, and to act as a resource for residents, medical students, and subspecialty fellows.
  • Cutting-edge equipment and procedures. Our facilities and our curriculum integrate the latest technology. Residents learn and utilize our advanced cardiovascular imaging system, including myocardial perfusion imaging, CT, and MRI, integrated Epic electronic health records, Interdisciplinary Simulation and Education Center, new electrophysiology lab, and other state-of-the-art tools.
  • Diverse case mix. Few settings offer the range of clinical experience available in our program. At HCMC, the region's safety net hospital and the state's busiest emergency department, fellows work in a high-volume setting to treat patients from varied ethnic and economic backgrounds. Practice at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital exposes fellows to a private cardiology practice that is the primary referral center for more than 100 clinics and 11 hospitals in Minnesota.
  • Clinical research opportunities. Our fellows learn and conduct clinical research as a key component of their education. Both organizations host active research programs and maintain their own research foundations.

About Our Facilities

Fellows rotate equally between two leading hospitals in Minneapolis to experience firsthand the day-to-day operations of a major public hospital and a privately-owned cardiology practice.

Hennepin Heart Center Facts

The Hennepin Heart Center operates within the main HCMC campus, which spans five city blocks in downtown Minneapolis. We provide complete cardiovascular services to a diverse population that includes urban and underserved individuals as well as critical care patients from across Minnesota.

Minneapolis Heart Institute Facts

Formed in 1981, the Minneapolis Heart Institute® at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital is a private practice medical facility founded by several independent groups of heart specialists.

  • Internationally recognized leader in heart and vascular care
  • Serves more than 70,000 patients annually
  • Over 60 physicians and 650 staff
  • Primary referral center for more than 100 clinics and 11 hospitals in Minnesota
  • Features an advanced heart failure and transplant program
  • Selected as one of only seven "Centers of Excellence" by the Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network
  • Operates a companion, nonprofit research foundation, the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Learn more about Cardiovascular Care at HCMC

Minneapolis Heart Institute:
The Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital is recognized internationally as one of the world’s leading providers of heart and vascular care.

Hennepin Heart Center:
HCMC's Heart Center offers comprehensive services in cardiac care and clinical therapies, located at the main HCMC campus in downtown Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation:
MMRF, the research arm of HCMC, is the third-largest nonprofit medical research organization in Minnesota and ranks in the top seven percent of all institutions receiving research funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation:
Established in 1982 by the cardiologists of the Minneapolis Heart Institute to improve heart health through research that evaluates leading-edge therapy and diagnostic methods.

Jesse E. Edwards Registry of Cardiovascular Disease:
The Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at HCMC includes access to one of the most comprehensive collections of cardiac specimens in the country, with more than 21,000 examples available for research and examination.

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