Emergency Medical Services: Faculty

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Faculty with Clinical and Law Enforcement Expertise

About Our Faculty

Five full-time faculty lead the EMS fellowship at HCMC. Dr. Jeffrey D. Ho, Program Director, is also the first graduate of the EMS fellowship.

Just as EMS often bridges both medicine and law enforcement, our EMS faculty bring diverse expertise and perspectives to the program. Faculty have served as medical directors for SWAT teams and fire departments, as EMS agency heads, as law enforcement officers, military officers, and other roles.

Program Leadership

Emergency Medicine Services STAB Room Staff Photo

Dr. Jeffrey D. Ho, EMS Fellowship Program Director at HCMC; Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School; Medical Director, City of Edina Fire and Police EMS Services; and Deputy Sheriff and Medical Director, Meeker County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Office. Within HCMC, Dr. Ho also serves as: Associate Medical Director for HCMC Paramedic Services, and Medical Director for HCMC Department of Security and HCMC Sexual Assault Resource Services.

Dr. William G. Heegaard, Assistant Chief, HCMC Department of Emergency Medicine; Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School; Vice Chair, Clinical Council and Medical Director for Life Link III, Minneapolis; and Director, Pre-Hospital Critical Care Airway Laboratory at Life Link III and HCMC.

Dr. John L. Hick, Associate Medical Director, HCMC Emergency Medical Services; Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School; Advisor to the Director, Office of Emergency Management/Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; and Medical Advisor for Emergency Preparedness, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center. In addition, Dr. Hick serves as Medical Director for: Metro Region HHS Hospital Preparedness Program Grant, Minnesota TF-1 Urban Search and Rescue Team, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Minnesota Department of Health, and Emergency Preparedness, HCMC.

Dr. Brian D. Mahoney, Faculty Physician, HCMC Department of Emergency Medicine and Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School. Dr. Mahoney also serves as Medical Director for Hennepin Emergency Medical Services, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department, the Minneapolis Police Department SWAT Team, and for seven local fire departments, including the Minneapolis Fire Department.

Dr. Paul D. Nystrom, EMS Fellow, HCMC Department of Emergency Medicine.
Dr. Nystrom is also Deputy Sheriff for the Meeker County (Minnesota) Sheriff’s Office and Medical Director for the Minneapolis Police Department SWAT Team, the MN Task Force 1, and six local fire departments.