Podiatric Surgery Residency: Alumni Achievements

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The Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency at HCMC prepares our graduates for board certification and clinical positions in multi-specialty medical groups and orthopedic practices. Many alumni pursue board certification in Foot Surgery and Rearfoot/Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery through the American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS).


Mindy Benton, MD - Residency Program Director, HCMC
Year of Graduation: 1993

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Why I came to HCMC for residency
I was drawn to HCMC for a two main reasons. One was geographic; I grew up near the Twin Cities and could appreciate "Minnesota Nice”, the patients, and the work ethic that comes along with that. I embrace each of the four seasons and try to get outside to enjoy them in many ways. The other attraction to HCMC was the teaching staff. Dr. Stephen Powless and Dr. Steven Kiester were my main mentors in residency training; they placed a high value on teaching hands-on excellent clinical and surgical skills which is reflected in patient satisfaction and outcomes. The HCMC PMSR/RRA program has a unique combination of staff located both at HCMC and around the metropolitan area, affording our residents exposure to clinics and surgery in many health care systems with patients of many socioeconomic backgrounds.

Influential/memorable moment in residency
My first weekend of call as a resident at HCMC included an emergent surgery to partially amputate an infected foot in a diabetic Native American patient. He had tried to heal his foot during a healing ceremony in a sweat lodge to no avail. He was so grateful that we were able to maintain his ability to walk that he later gave me a gift of a hand-made beaded writing pen he had made (back when we still hand wrote our notes). I came to better know that patient during my entire residency and later as an HCMC staff member. More importantly, I came to better understand his Native American culture - their spirituality, their health care challenges, etc. which helps me to care for my patients today. The patient underwent many amputations as his diabetic complications developed and worsened but he never lost his pride and generosity of spirit. We learn much from our patients that cannot be found in textbooks, which is very evident at HCMC.


D.J. Oeltjenbruns - Hospital
Year of Graduation: 2015

Why I came to HCMC for my residency
I wanted a diverse experience and exposure to as wide a range of pathologies as possible to best prepare me for my future.

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Practice Location
I now practice at Hennepin County Medical Center.

What I like to do outside of medicine
I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children and try to maintain an active lifestyle. I enjoy running, mountain biking, and basically doing anything outside in my free time.

How my residency training influenced the doctor that I am today
The Podiatric Medicine and Surgery residency at HCMC prepared me to confidently treat most any pathology we see in the foot and ankle. We are forunate to work at a number of different hospitals and clinics in addition to HCMC so we have extensive exposure to patients from all different types of socioeconomic backgrounds. We work with a large number of attendings so you learn many different ways to treat pathologies and can hone your skills to what you like best. At HCMC we proudly serve as a safety net hospital for the community, and in general see more severe pathology that you wouldn’t necessarily have exposure to at smaller hospitals. We also get great exposure to more elective type cases at outside hospitals, so it's a great balance! From diabetic limb salvage, flatfoot reconstruction, fractures of the foot and ankle, arthroscopy, to conservative care, we see it all.

What's the best thing about Minneapolis?
My favorite thing about Minneapolis is that it's a major metropolitan area but it's easy to get outside and enjoy nature. From great running with all of the lakes and trails within the city, to mountain biking, or hopping in the car and driving a few hours up to the beautiful North Shore area.