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Pioneering emergency training since 1972

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Welcome to Hennepin County Medical Center’s Emergency Medicine Residency page. We are very excited that you are interested in learning more about our program! As one of the oldest EM training programs in the country, we have a long-standing emphasis on innovation and cutting-edge emergency care. You will be working alongside an incredibly accomplished group of faculty, many of whom are national leaders in academic EM. The collective wisdom and expertise of this group impresses me on a daily basis, and their approachability makes them outstanding teachers.

You will be training in a busy urban ED with over 100,000 patient visits per year. HCMC is a level I adult and pediatric trauma center and an accredited stroke center. HCMC is a mission-driven hospital, caring for a diverse and underserved patient population. We recognize that patient care requires more than medical knowledge, and our training program will provide you with the leadership, communication and systems knowledge to practice medicine successfully in a wide variety of settings.

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Although our program is over 40 years old and has trained hundreds of physicians, our department’s culture of innovation is reflected in the continual improvement and advancements seen within our training program. Over the past few years, we have completely revamped our conference curriculum to emphasize active learning, small group discussions, hands-on skills sessions, and simulation training. We have developed an active Program Evaluation and Improvement Committee (PEIC) with representatives from each residency class. This group has been responsible for developing and implementing numerous large and small-scale program changes, including valuable curriculum and rotation additions and modifications. Residents and faculty have also formed a wellness committee, contributing initiatives to maximize the overall wellbeing and resilience of our physicians.

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When you train at HCMC, you become part of “the Hennepin family,” which you will be a part of forever. Our residents are a tight-knit group of dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic trainees with a “work hard, play hard” attitude. I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work and interact with this wonderful group of residents and faculty each and every day! We are fortunate to be located in Minneapolis / St Paul, one of the top-rated cities to live in America, with “big-city amenities” yet an “approachable Midwestern feel” (US News & World Report). As an east-coaster myself, the allure of HCMC and Minneapolis brought me here over a decade ago and I can’t see myself anywhere else! We are hoping you will come visit to learn more about our extraordinary training program.

Danielle Hart MD, MACM

About our program

Vision statement: Our vision is to develop emergency physicians that provide the complete spectrum of emergency care in diverse settings and communities, while advancing the field of emergency medicine.

Mission statement: We provide residents with comprehensive training in current and cutting-edge emergency medicine practice in a diverse, high-acuity setting. We endeavor to promote a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and wellness. We value culturally competent care and engagement with our institution, specialty, and community.

Few programs offer the hands-on critical care experience, resident autonomy and access to state-of-the-art medical technology as the Emergency Medicine Residency at HCMC. Launched in 1972, our program is the second-oldest in the U.S.—and still at the forefront of critical care education and training.

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From day one, you will assume critical decision-making responsibilities in a supportive, collaborative, and fast-paced environment. You will interact with dedicated faculty and provide care to a diverse population that includes both urban and underserved individuals, as well as trauma patients from across Minnesota and neighboring states.

Your work in our Level I Trauma Center and the state’s largest and busiest Emergency Department will give you the clinical skills, acute care experience and procedural confidence that make our graduates some of the most sought-after emergency professionals in the field.

What sets us apart

  • Substantial responsibility and autonomy. Our residents take an early and active role in patient care and obtain decision-making roles quickly. Within the Emergency Department, residents direct the initial stabilization of all critical patients, including trauma cases, and oversee all critical care. As part of our program, you will manage all airway interventions, procedural sedation, orthopedic reductions and stabilizations, and other key procedures.
  • Hands-on leadership roles. Third year residents put their clinical training, communication skills, and team leadership into practice with a year-long "Pit Boss" responsibility. This invaluable opportunity allows you to direct patient care during actual Emergency Department operation. In year two, residents attain significant leadership roles in the MICU and supervise medical students in off-service rotations.
  • Employment and fellowship opportunities. Our Emergency Medicine residents receive full time job offers and fellowship acceptances from leading institutions, most well before graduation. Approximately one-third of recent graduates pursued and secured fellowships, with many continuing their education at HCMC.
  • Collaboration and teamwork. From the weekly critical care conference to day-to-day work in the Emergency Department, residents interact with staff from numerous departments and specialties. We maintain a long tradition of cooperative, non-hierarchical teamwork that leads to low anxiety and great patient care.
  • Active research support. Our pioneering Research Associate Program enables busy residents to undertake clinical projects while maintaining regular duties. Student volunteers, called RAs, staff the Emergency Department 24/7 to qualify and enroll patients in clinical studies. Our faculty and residents perform approximately 10-20 active clinical projects each year.
  • Individual attention. Every resident focuses on a customized learning plan, and meets multiple times each year with program leadership to discuss mentoring and career opportunities. Our program spurs regular interaction with colleagues across disciplines.
  • Diversity. We believe that having a diverse physician workforce is an asset in caring for a diverse patient population. In recognition of this, the Department of Emergency Medicine Diversity Committee consists of faculty and residents that meet regularly to discuss promoting diversity in our faculty and residencies, reflection on unconscious bias, and examination of systemic issues that impact the care of our patients.
  • Focus on Resident Wellness. The wellness of our residents is paramount to creating an optimal environment for learning and living. We take a multi-faceted approach to supporting resident wellness. Social outings to promote interconnectedness, advising on scheduling changes to minimize fatigue and maximize time away from work, and public recognition of residents that go above and beyond are examples of how our Wellness Committee has contributed to promoting wellness in our program.
  • Integrated technology. Like our facility, our curriculum integrates the latest equipment. You will learn and utilize our bedside ultrasound program, advanced airway equipment, hyperbaric chamber, interdisciplinary simulation and education center, and other state-of-the-art tools as part of your daily routine.

About Our Facility

The Emergency Department is located within the main HCMC campus, which spans five city blocks in downtown Minneapolis. We handle cases at all levels of severity, including day-to-day emergencies and disaster response. We also provide the entire spectrum of care for injured patients, from pre-hospital care and transport through rehabilitation.

Emergency Department Facts

  • A premier Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center
  • More than 100,000 visits and 58,000 ambulance runs annually
  • Includes 45 examination rooms and four stabilization rooms
  • Dedicated CT scanner and complete digital medical imaging system
  • Over 25 ultrasound machines with full wireless connectivity
  • Updated triage area including four treatment rooms
  • Resident work area
  • Electronic Health Records and fully integrated Epic system
  • Dedicated computer access at all clerical, nursing and physician workstations


Mary Hirschboeck, Residency Coordinator

Mary Hirschboeck

Residency Coordinator
Phone: 612-873-5645
Email: mary.hirschboeck@hcmed.org

Hennepin County Medical Center
701 Park Avenue, Mail Code 825
Minneapolis MN 55415

Margaret Miller, Residency Coordinator

Margaret Miller

Residency Coordinator
Phone: 612-873-4906
Email: margaret.miller@hcmed.org

Hennepin County Medical Center
701 Park Avenue, Mail Code 825
Minneapolis MN 55415

Danielle Hart Bio Photo

Danielle Hart, MD

Program Director
Phone: 612-873-5683
Email: danielle.hart@hcmed.org

Megan Rischall Bio Photo

Megan Rischall, MD

Assistant Program Director
Phone: 612-873-2963
Email: megan.rischall2@hcmed.org

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Nathaniel L. Scott, MD

Assistant Program Director
Phone: 612-873-3521
Email: nathaniel.scott@hcmed.org

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The Emergency Medicine Residency Program is ACGME accredited.