Emergency Medicine Residency: Didactics

Collaborative Learning, Individual Attention, and Strong Research Support

The Emergency Medicine program offers an average of 5.5 hours of didactic experience weekly. Our residents take advantage of stimulating conferences and study groups, online videos produced by our residents and faculty, and opportunities for one-on-one training and career mentoring.

ER Staff in STAB Room Photo

The quality of discussion and caliber of cases makes our weekly Critical Care (STAB) conference one of the most popular programs in the entire hospital, attended by residents and practitioners from other disciplines and viewed online by clinicians around the world.

Our pioneering Research Associate Program enables busy residents to undertake clinical projects while maintaining regular duties. Student volunteers, called RAs, staff the Emergency Department 24/7 to qualify and enroll patients in clinical studies. Our faculty and residents perform approximately 10-20 active clinical projects each year.

Didactic Opportunities

Weekly Conferences

  • Thursdays 7:30AM to 1PM
  • Majority of conferences are recorded and available online


  • Critical care (STAB) conference: A review and discussion of selected critical cases from the previous week
  • Core content curriculum on emergency medicine by faculty, third year resident, or invited speaker
  • Chief complaint conference where third year residents present interesting cases with strong teaching points
  • Rotating third and fourth hour lecture comprised of case-based learning and improvement (CBL&I), research, toxicology, small group sessions, procedure and imaging, iatrogenic complications, and combined emergency medicine-internal medicine conference
  • Many conference days comprised of small group sessions and individual learning sessions, split by class with topics targeted to specific PGY levels
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine takes place the first and fourth Thursday, noon to 1PM, featuring guest speakers on selected topics or resident case presentations
  • PGY-1 Reading Group meets weekly with faculty to review the week’s core content from emergency management textbooks and other educational formats

Monthly Conferences

ER Masked Resident Photo


Social Journal Club

  • First Tuesday
  • A faculty member hosts residents to review current research and critique methodology over dinner; includes social time

High Fidelity Simulation

Procedure Skills Session

  • Newly developed, simulation based procedure lab
  • Ensures residents are proficient in a number of procedures that may or may not be covered in other labs

Peds METRO Conference

  • The Peds METRO conference takes place monthly and occurs at either Hennepin or Masonic Children’s Hospital at the University of Minnesota
  • Faculty and residents from both institutions attend