Emergency Medicine Residency: Alumni Achievements

Exceptional Job Placement and Fellowship Opportunities

Program Results

The Emergency Medicine residency at HCMC produces some of the most sought-after graduates in the field today. Our Emergency Medicine residents receive full time job offers and fellowship acceptances from leading institutions, most well before graduation. Approximately one-third of recent graduates pursued fellowships, with many continuing their education at HCMC.

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Training in Emergency Medicine at HCMC gives our graduates a springboard to obtain positions across the country – or the world. Since 1972, nearly 320 program graduates have established careers in emergency medicine.

Kjell N. Lindgren (M.D.) NASA Astronaut

Kjell Lindgren Portrait with Flag Photo

Kjell Lindgren, MD, a 2005 graduate of the Hennepin Emergency Medicine residency program, is currently a NASA astronaut and recently spent time aboard the International Space Station.  He participated in more than a hundred scientific experiments in space and conducted dozens of repairs and enhancements to the station’s systems, including the installation of the NORS high pressure gas replenishment system and internal cabling in preparation for the commercial crew vehicle docking and the Node 1 galley. Dr. Lindgren, and Expedition 45 Commander Scott Kelly, conducted two spacewalks in late 2015. During their first spacewalk, Lindgren installed a thermal blanket on the Alpha‐Magnetic Spectrometer and routed external cables. Their second spacewalk focused on maintenance of the station external thermal control system. Dr. Lindgren, has logged 141 days in space and 15 hours and four minutes of spacewalk time.

Read more about Dr. Lindgren on the NASA website.