Dentistry Residency: Alumni Achievements

A Springboard to Private Practice

Program Results

The General Practice Residency prepares graduates for all facets of private practice. Here, recent graduates describe our program—and its impact on their careers—in their own words.

Dentistry Resident Dee Gulis Photo Small

Dr. Dee Gulis, Class of 2012-2013

"I am amazed at how after just one year of residency, I have grown substantially as a dentist. Not only did my clinical skills improve greatly, but I became a much more compassionate provider and learned to communicate better with my patients.

The residency program at HCMC does a great job of bridging the gap between dental school and private practice. I learned how to treat patients in a timely manner and work as a part of the patient care team. I also learned how important it is so be able to effectively communicate with patients so that they understand you have their best interest in mind.

I would encourage anyone seeking a general practice residency program to consider HCMC. The experience will impact them both professionally and personally. They will learn so much and see many unique things while meeting some great people along the way."

Current Position
Dr. Gulis works in a private practice at Integrity Dental Care in Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Dentistry Resident Anne Kent Photo Small

Dr. Anne Kent, Class of 2008-2009

"HCMC helped prepare me for whomever sits in my dental chair. Afterwards, I felt comfortable treating all my patients. Complicated medical histories and complicated cases no longer intimidated me. And the best part, I had a lot of fun and made lifelong friends all while learning how to better take care of my patients."

Current Position
After his residency, Dr. Kent worked as a contract dentist for the U.S. Army in Europe. She currently teaches at the University of Minnesota, teaching in the restorative sciences department.

Dentistry Resident William Samson Photo Small

Dr. William Samson, Class of 2008-2009

"I had the honor of being a general practice dental resident at Hennepin County Medical center. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering a general practice residency program.

My experience at HCMC was wonderful. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was allowed to perform a multitude of procedures under their watchful eye, thereby significantly increasing my comfort level and scope of practice. I left the program feeling confident in all aspects of general dentistry."

Current Position
Dr. Samson works in private practice at Summit Dental in Bozeman, Montana.

Dentistry Resident Heidi Spoelhof Photo Small

Dr. Heidi Spoelhof, Class of 2007-2008

"I really enjoyed my experiences in HCMC's general practice dental residency. I made new and close friends, enjoyed interacting and working with HCMC's diverse patient group, worked hard, and learned so much. I felt much better prepared for private practice as a result."

Current Position
Dr. Spoelhof works in private practice at Piedmont Heights Dental Associates in Duluth, Minnesota.

Dentistry Resident Saharla Jama Photo Small

Dr. Saharla Jama, Class of 2004-2005

“My General Practice Residency year at HCMC was the most rewarding year of my dental career. The knowledge and the confidence I gained was beyond anything I could have hoped to gain from a single year. I fell in love with the staff at HCMC at my interview, and their exceptional teaching and support through that year and the years to follow far exceeded all my expectations.

I’m fortunate to have walked away having gained tremendous knowledge to serve me the rest of my career, while having made great friends and colleagues.”

Current Position
Dr. Jama has been employed at HealthPartners since graduation.

Dentistry Resident Cale Strait Photo Small

Dr. Cale Strait, Class of 1998-1999

"HCMC was a wonderful place for me to develop my skills coming out of dental school. It provided in-depth training in just about every aspect of dentistry while also incorporating the unique experiences only a hospital setting can provide. Following my residency, I went on to specialize in Endodontics. My appreciation for the residency program and fondness of the people that work there has brought me back as a consulting faculty member. I enjoy giving back to the residency program that gave so much to me."

Current Position
Dr. Strait is currently employed with Endodontics Specialists as his primary business location and part time at Strait Smiles Family Dentistry.