Graduate Medical Education: Staff Directory

Program Leadership Team

Graduate Medical Education staff work within the Office of the Medical Director to oversee residency, fellowship, and other continuing education programs at HCMC.

For program information or to apply for a residency or fellowship, contact the coordinator of each program.

To request verification of your completed residency, contact the appropriate coordinator.

Faculty profiles can be found within each residency or fellowship program.

Staff Directory

Dr. Meghan Mary Walsh

Meghan Walsh, MD is the Chief Medical Education Officer and Associate Medical Director at Hennepin County Medical Center. She oversees all of the undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs within the Office of the Medical Director. She also is the Program Director of the Transitional Residency Program. She has works primarily as an academic hospitalist in cardiology.


Howard R. Schur, GME Operations Manager is the GME Operations Manager for the HCMC GME Programs within the Office of the Medical Director. Howard is the administrative partner for the overall management and operations of the GME Programs. Howard brings with him 30 years of health care and higher education leadership experience, with a focus on GME, education, operations, and planning.


Judi Shurson has been the Graduate Medical Education Administrative Coordinator as well as the Program Co-Coordinator for the Transitional Year residency program for the past 10 years. She works with all new residents and fellows by planning and executing Orientation, as well as being the main contact for all current trainees. Judi’s position covers a wide range of administrative duties and provides support to all areas of Graduate Medical Education here at HCMC.


Susan Shaw Forvé is a Medical Training Specialist with extensive experience in creating training opportunities for all levels of medical staff. Susan works within the Office of Medical Education and the Office of the Medical Director. She started at HCMC in July of 2012, and comes from Children’s Hospitals where she was a principal designer and operations manager of their Simulation Centers.

Residency Program Coordinators

Dentistry (General Practice), Meagan McCabe,
Emergency Medicine, Mary Hirschboeck,
Combined Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine, Mary Hirschboeck,
Family and Community Medicine, Mindy Chatelle,
Internal Medicine, Michelle Herbers,
Podiatric Surgery, Meagan McCabe,
Psychiatry (Hennepin-Regions), Sandy Robinson,
Surgery, Charleana Harris,
Transitional Year, Judi Shurson, Katie Dolan,,

Fellowship Program Coordinators

Cardiovascular Disease, Cheryl Christenson,
Critical Care Medicine, Cheryl Christenson,
Geriatric Medicine, Cheryl Christenson,
Interventional Cardiology, Cheryl Christenson,
Nephrology, Danelle Sullivan,
Sleep Medicine, Danelle Sullivan,
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, Mary Hirschboeck,