Envisioning a More Active Lifestyle in 2018

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Shared medical group visits with Drew Dietle, MD and Kara Parker, MD are for those who want to be supported in making your own desired lifestyle changes. Sign up for the group if you:

  • are a registered patient with HCMC,
  • have health insurance (co-pays and deductibles may apply same as a one-on–one visit, please check with your insurer) Medicare, medical assistance, Hennepin Health or have the HCMC / Hennepin County health plans included,
  • are interested in holistic, integrative and functional health and wellbeing and
  • intend to attend all sessions to provide feedback.

Time and Location

Mondays from 12:15pm – 2:15pm, Group Visit Room, Whittier Clinic, 2nd Floor

This program runs monthly. Please view the following schedule for group visits:

  • Introduction: Envisioning a More Active Lifestyle in 2018, November 27
  • What We Know About the Benefits of Exercise, December 4
  • Tools, Tips and Tricks for Moving and Tracking, December 11
  • Goal Setting: Launching an Active Lifestyle Going Forward, December 18
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Sign up for one session, which equals four visits in one month. To sign up, call Cass McLaughlin at 612-873-8048.

Look for more topics to come so you can continue your journey towards health and wellbeing.

Kara Parker Small Photo Kara Parker, MD is a doctor and teacher at Whittier Clinic who is trained in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine.
Drew Dietle Small Photo Drew Dietle, MD is a resident doctor at Whittier Clinic who is trained in Exercise and Physiology and studying Integrative Medicine.