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Transplant Program Services

Parkside Professional Center
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Visit our Wall of Heroes website to view donor and recipient stories.

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Hennepin County Medical Center, in partnership with South Dakota State University and LifeSource, has developed living kidney donor education for the American Indian Community through a HRSA grant. The educational website is called A Circle of Learning for American Indians; Living Kidney Donation Education. The educational materials have been tested in the community and were found to significantly increase knowledge about living kidney donation and transplantation. With the project complete, we are excited to finally share the educational materials with the American Indian communities.

Our History

HCMC was the first transplant program in the Upper Midwest. Established in 1963, our transplant program has played a vital role in the treatment of chronic kidney disease with kidney transplantation.

At Hennepin County Medical Center our expert team has performed over 2,700 kidney transplants, with an increasing percentage involving living donors. Our experience, along with our use of new and innovative therapies, diagnostic tools and surgical procedures, allow us to give our transplant patients and living donors the best possible care. Our seamless and personal pre-to-post transplant care reputation makes us an important partner in the transplant journey.

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Our transplant program is a collaborative effort among professionals who specialize in the pre-transplant, operative, and long-term follow-up care of ESRD patients, in partnership with their primary physician or nephrologist.

The HCMC Transplant Program:

  • Performed the first kidney transplant in 1963 in the upper Midwest
  • Performed the first dialysis treatment in 1963 in the upper Midwest
  • Performed the first laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy in 1998 in the upper Midwest
  • Completed the first paired exchange transplant in 2010 in the upper Midwest
  • 75% of Native American transplants in the upper Midwest occur at HCMC and community education efforts are supported through a HRSA grant
  • Assists with transplant education support to the dialysis community with Explore Transplant (a nonprofit program founded to disseminate transplant education on a national level)
  • Contributes to the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, an HCMC non-profit leader in research dedicated to investigating causes and treatments for diseases
  • Is an academic teaching institution and trains physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and social workers preparing them for their future medical careers

Surgical Services

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Physicians in the Division of Transplant and Vascular Access Surgery provide services including renal transplantation and vascular access therapies for chronic dialysis. In addition, all other areas of general surgical care for the chronic dialysis patient are provided. The following surgical and therapeutic services are provided:

  • Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Renal transplantation
  • Vascular access for hemodialysis

HCMC campus houses the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients. The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR)supports ongoing evaluation of the status of solid organ translantation in the United States.

The SRTR is administered by the Chronic Disease Research Group of the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation.

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