Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

Signs and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Symptoms of Depression or Anxiety

  • Feeling sad, or "empty"
  • Feeling worried or anxious
  • Lack of energy, feeling very tired
  • Lack of interest in normal activities
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Feeling  hopeless, helpless, guilty, or worthless
  • Feeling moody or irritable
  • Problems concentrating or making simple decisions
  • Feeling like you are a bad parent, or that your baby would be better off without you
  • Scary thoughts, including the thought of hurting your baby, even if you can’t imagine acting on them
  • Thoughts about death or suicide

When is it an emergency?

If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else, it is important to get help right away by calling the Crisis Connection at 866-379-6363; TTY 612-379-6377 or 911. Also, in very rare cases, women can experience symptoms of psychosis after having a baby, including unpredictable behavior, delusions or hallucinations, paranoia, and confusion. This is a medical emergency and women should go immediately to the Emergency Department at the nearest hospital and should not be left alone with their baby.