Sexual Assault Resource Service

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The Sexual Assault Resources Service (SARS) provides assistance to victims of rape and sexual assault through area hospital emergency departments 24 hours a day. SARS counselors meet with victims and their families at HCMC and other participating hospitals to complete the evidentiary exam and to help them cope with the trauma and consequences of the assault.


Sexual Assault Resource Service: 612-873-5832
701 Park Avenue, Orange Building, 2.220, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Emergency Departments Served by SARS

Abbott Northwestern Hospital: 612-863-4233
Fairview-Southdale Hospital: 952-924-5138
Hennepin County Medical Center: 612-873-3132
Maple Grove Hospital: 763-581-1200
Methodist Hospital: 952-993-5353
North Memorial Medical Center: 763-581-9700
U of MN West Bank Hospital: 612-273-6402
U of M East Bank Hospital: 612-273-2700
U of M Children's: 612-365-9110
West Health: 763-577-7160
Fairview Ridges Hospital: 952-892-2021
Regina Medical Center: 651-404-1260
Northfield Hospital: 507-646-1101

Advocacy and Crime Victims Services

Sexual Violence Center: 612-871-5111
Aurora Center (University of Minnesota): 612-626-9111
Lewis House-360 Communities (Dakota County): 651-405-1500
Hope Center (Rice County): 800-607-2330
Crime Victims Reparations Board: 651-201-7300

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault is any form of unwanted sexual contact as a result of force, threats, coercion or lack of consent. Sexual assault can occur between relatives, partners, acquaintances, and strangers. Victims can be from any social class, age, gender or sexual orientation; they can be children, adolescents, adults and people in later life. Those who have been victimized through trafficking or prostitution can also be victims of sexual assault.

No one has the right to touch, force, threaten or have sexual contact with you without your consent. No matter the circumstances, you did not deserve to be raped.

Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace. It is not your fault. We know you couldn’t control what happened, no matter the circumstances.

Following a sexual assault you might feel helpless, lonely, shocked, angry, fearful, depressed, anxious, embarrassed or ashamed. Sexual assault is a traumatic event; each person reacts in a different way and experiences a wide variety of emotions. This is perfectly normal.

Our Services

We are here to serve you. You will be cared for by a skilled and highly trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. Your nurse will explain what will happen while you are in the Emergency Department, answer any questions you may have. Your nurse can help promote healing and recovery and provide you with resources for counseling after you leave.

The Exam

Your Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner will carry out a special exam which involves:

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  • Collecting and saving evidence that will be needed if you choose to report you sexual assault to law enforcement,
  • Evaluating your risk for pregnancy and discussing safe prevention options,
  • Evaluating your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection and offering you medication to reduce that risk,
  • Further evaluating and documenting any injuries (if you have injuries that require treatment, she will ask the emergency department staff to evaluate and treat your injuries; this examination is separate from the one done to collect evidence), and
  • Providing you with resources to help during your recovery. This will include advocate services, agencies for medical follow-up, information about reporting this crime to law enforcement, information about the Crime Victims Reparations Fund and many other resources.
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Choosing to be seen by a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is about your health and safety; you have the right to decline any part of the exam at any time.

What if I’m not sure I want to report to law enforcement?

You do not need to decide if you want to report this sexual assault to law enforcement right away. You can discuss your options for reporting with your SANE, a sexual assault advocate, or your friends and family. If you decide to report after you leave the hospital the evidence collected during the exam will be saved for at least 30 days. If you have already reported your assault, your SANE will make sure that the correct law enforcement agency is made aware that evidence was collected.

How will this exam be paid for?

  • The county in which you were assaulted is required by law to pay for your forensic exam.
  • If you have injuries that require medical care, such as stitches or x-rays, your insurance will be billed if that is possible.
  • Any charges beyond this will be covered by the hospital at which you were seen.
  • If you have already reported this assault to Law Enforcement, or if you do so within 30 days following the assault, the Crime Victim’s Reparations Board can help you pay for other related expenses such as therapy, replacing stolen items, missed wages and more.
  • If you receive any bills for this exam please call the SARS office at 612-873-5832 as soon as possible.