Henne-Teen Initiative

Henne-Teen Initiative was created by Aquí Para Tí (APT) / Here for You to promote and advocate for teen-friendly and accessible services across HCMC so that all teen patients feel comfortable seeking care in our organization.

Aquí Para Tí (APT) / Here for You is a clinic-based youth development program to serve Latino youth and their families is partially funded by the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative of the Minnesota Department of Health.

What will Henne-Teen do?

Teens in circle Photo

Henne-Teen brings together different groups of HCMC professionals to:

  • Start a dialogue about adolescent care practices across the organization
  • Discuss issues affecting adolescent patient care
  • Promote a teen friendly organization
  • Provide support to providers working in this field
  • Provide resources for professionals working with adolescents at HCMC.


Teen Pregnancy

Did you know about there is an specialized clinic based program for Latino adolescents and their families at Hennepin East Lake Clinic called Aquí Para Tí/Here for You? To learn more its services, visit the Aquí Para Tí (APT) / Here for You pages.

Did you know that for the first time in 16 years there has been an increase in the state teen pregnancy rates.

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There was a 6% increase in the state's overall teen pregnancy rate and a 7% increase in the state's teen birth rate between 2005 and 2006.

There was a 13% increase in the teen pregnancy rate among Asian/Pacific Islanders and Hispanic/Latinas.

To learn more how to prevent teen pregnancy access the www.nationalcampaign.org website.

Confidential care

Confidentiality matters. To learn how to discuss confidentiality with teens and parents in a family clinic setting, download the Consent & Confidentiality Guidelines for Professionals (PDF).

Working with parents

"Parents matter! Children and teens depend on parents for information about beliefs, values and expectations related to sexuality and their decision-making. Research shows that young people who feel connected to their parents and clearly understand their family's values concerning sexuality are more likely to avoid risk-taking behaviors like early sexual activity…" (Taken from Moappp).

Parents of adolescents need your guidance on helping their teen to thrive. To learn more on how to work with parents, visit the Shoulder to Shoulder Minnesota website.


Henne-Teen Initiative has been created by Aquí Para Tí (APT) / Here for You youth development program, with the support of Hennepin East Lake Clinic and the Family and Community Medicine Department.