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Of course we love receiving new books for our patients but we want to let you know that we have access to unique and generous discounts. We can leverage cash donations to get more books for your bucks.

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$30 – Books for Babies’ Day
A book for every child born at HCMC on a single day
Peek-A-Boo! honor cards are available from HCMC’s Gift Shop to enclose with a gift or send solo so you can offer your Babies’ Day donation as a gift for a special occasion.

$50 – Reach Out and Read Library
A full complement of Reach Out and Read books for one child
(one book for every well child visit from 6 months through 5 years)

$125 – Special Resources

  • Cloth books for 25 babies’ first clinic visits
  • 10 copies of the Spanish edition of It’s Perfectly Normal, a sex education book for teens

$500 – Book Buddy Sponsorship
Focused book support for a hospital unit or department

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$1,500 – Book Bin Sponsorship
Ensure one book bin in the Pediatric Outpatient Clinic is kept filled all year long

$6,000-$10,000 – Book Nook Sponsorship
A year’s worth of books for a hospital unit or department

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Children’s Literacy Program here. [LINK to HHF donation page for Children’s Literacy].

Sponsor a Build-A-Book event

Teams of 10 or more adults can participate in a Build-A-Book event, where foreign language translations are inserted into English-only books to create customized bilingual editions. Opportunities are limited, very popular, and can be scheduled throughout the year, onsite at HCMC or at your location. The activity lasts approximately 90 minutes. Contact the Children’s Literacy Liaison for more information.

We are grateful to the companies and organizations that supported us generously by contributing funds or new books in 2013.

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Gently used book donations
Recycle your reading: We always need magazines for children and teens.

Books should be clean and in good repair (no missing pages, flimsy bindings or mold/mildew). It may break your heart to discard a beloved favorite, but a moldy book is dangerous to our patients’ health and our book supply. If in doubt, keep it out of your donation; throw it out.

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  • Board Books (cardboard pages designed for babies)
  • Picture Books (Ages 3 to 7)
  • Books that play music/sounds
  • Dinosaurs, cars, trucks, superheroes, princesses, Dr. Seuss, Dora, Diego and Pete the Cat
  • Potty training books
  • Beginning/Early Readers (Ages 6 to 8)
  • ISpy, Where’s Waldo, Find It books
  • Chapter Books (Ages 7 to 9) Single titles and series like Magic Treehouse and A to Z Mysteries
  • Popular fiction (Ages 8 to 12) All genres: mystery, history, humor, fantasy, and graphic novels
  • Teen series (Ages 13+) Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent
  • Adult fiction appropriate for high school students

A good rule of thumb:  If you wouldn’t share the book with a child you know (because it’s outdated/boring/falling apart) it isn’t a good choice for a child you don’t know.

Simpler is better. Many of our patients have low literacy levels or are facing stressful medical situations, so sophisticated classics, no matter how wonderful they are, are not good choices. 

We cannot use: Religious books. Junior Great Books. Textbooks. The Babysitters Club and Mary Kate and Ashley series. Books with violent, horror or sexually explicit themes. 

Please include your contact info so we can send you a receipt (and a thank you).

Because we have limited storage space, please let us know if you want to hold a book drive or donate a large number of books before you get started.

For more info contact our Literacy Liaison: 612-873-8954 or

Thanks for supporting HCMC’s Children’s Literacy Program!