Aquí Para Ti: Staff

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Our health care team at Aquí Para Ti offer complete medical care, consultation, support and education for teens and their parents at the Whittier Clinic.

Svetaz Maria Small Photo

Dr. Verónica Svetaz, MD, MPH
Dr. Svetaz has worked at a local clinic as a primary physician focusing on adolescents from 2001 until 2007. She joined Family Medicine at HCMC in 2007. She was instrumental in creating the WSCHS Aquí Para Ti Youth Development Clinic for Latino adolescents and their parents.


Ursula Reynoso Photo

Ursula Reynoso, Program Coordinator
Ursula Reynoso is a Sociologist originally from Peru. She graduated from San Agustin University in 2002 and also received a masters degree in organizational leadership from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Since she moved from Peru nine years ago, Ursula has worked in nonprofit organizations such as Centro Inc. and La Familia Guidance Center. At the same time Ursula works actively as a founder/volunteer of the MN Latino HIV and AIDS Network, educating and doing HIV testing for the latino community. She has been part of Aquí Para Ti since January 2012 as a program coordinator, managing funding sources, administrative and logistical coordination and supporting the team.

Trebs-Laura Photo

Laura Trebs, Community Health Worker
Laura Trebs grew up in northern Minnesota and attended Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, where she received BAs in English Writing and Spanish. After graduating in 2007, Laura volunteered with the U.S. Peace Corps in northern Nicaragua for two and a half years before moving back to Minnesota in February 2010. She joined Aquí Para Ti later that year as a Health Educator, and then six months later Laura transitioned into her role as a Community Health Worker for the program where she continues to assist patients with care coordination.

Yaurincela-Amelia Photo

Amelia Yauincela-Pizarro, Community Health Worker
Amelia was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States in 1993. She lived in New York City until July 1998 and then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Amelia completed the Community Health Worker certificate program in December 2011. In August of 2013, Amelia graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Science in Family Social Science. Amelia joined the Aquí Para Ti/Here for You team in January 2011 where she started as a Case Manager. Six months later she became the Community Health Worker. She now coordinates youth care for Aquí Para Ti/Here for You.

Palma-Dora Photo

Dora Palma, Family Case Manager
Dora Palma is originally from Perú. She graduated from Ricardo Palma University, where she received a BSN in Nursing. Dora is a founder and volunteer of a nonprofit organization  “Asi es mi Perú”,  which promotes cultural awareness through folklore and art.  Dora began working at East Lake Clinic in 2008 as a Medical Assistant of Aquí Para Ti/ Here For You, and then in 2011 she become the Family Case Manager for the program. As a Family Case Manager, she works closely with the parents and family of adolescents who participate in the program.

Graybow-Maria-Isabel Photo

Maria Isabel Graybow, Youth Mentor/School Connector
Isabel was born in Mexico and moved to the United States in 2009. Isabel studied Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies at the University ITESO-in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and Human Development and Communication at the same University. In addition, she completed a College Connector Certification. As a result of a partnership with Navigate, Isabel joined the Aquí Para Ti/ Here For You team in January 2012. She is currently the College Connector/Youth Mentor, and she works with APT youth to set goals for the future and giving them and their families, resources to access Higher Education. Through the partnership with Navigate she conducts workshops to inform Latino youth and their families on how to navigate the educational system in Minnesota.


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