Top Doctors

Throughout HCMC, the hallmark of the care we provide revolves around partnering with our patients, being attentive to their situation and delivering the very best solutions for their needs.

Congratulations to our providers who are recognized for their expertise as Top Doctors by Mpls St. Paul magazine, and all those who deliver exceptional care to our patients every day.

2017 Top Doctors


Ayenew Woubeshet Small Photo Woubeshet Ayenew, MD Cardiology
Bradley Arthur Bart Small Photo Bradley Arthur Bart, MD Cardiology
Ellen Coffey Small Photo Ellen Coffey, MD General Internal Medicine
Scott Davies Small Photo Scott Davies, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care
Benita Dieperink Small Photo Benita Dieperink, MD Psychiatry
Keith Eidman Small Photo Keith Eidman, MD Nephrology
Tara Gustilo Small Photo Tara Gustilo, MD Gynecology (ObGyn)
John Hick Small Photo John Hick, MD Emergency Medicine
David Hilden Small Photo David Hilden, MD Hospital Medicine
Mark Hill Small Photo Mark Hill, MD Surgery - Kidney Transplant and Vascular Access
Surgery - General/Trauma
Marjorie Hogan Small Photo Marjorie Hogan, MD Pediatrics
Julia Joseph-Di Caprio Small Photo Julia Joseph-Di Caprio, MD Pediatrics
Robert Kempainen Small Photo Robert Kempainen, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care
Lawrence Kerzner Small Photo Lawrence Kerzner, MD Geriatric Medicine
Helen Kim Small Photo Helen Kim, MD Psychiatry
Andrew Kiragu Small Photo Andrew Kiragu, MD Pediatrics
Amy Anne Lassig Small Photo Amy Anne Lassig, MD Surgery - General/Trauma
James Leatherman Small Photo James Leatherman, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care
Michele LeClaire Small Photo Michele LeClaire, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care
William Marinelli Small Photo William Marinelli, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care
Roberta Meyers Small Photo Roberta Meyers, MD Geriatric Medicine
James Miner Small Photo James Miner, MD Emergency Medicine
Jeffrey Morken Small Photo Jeffrey Morken, MD Surgery - Colon and Rectal
Bryan Nelson Small Photo Bryan Nelson, MD Family and Community Medicine
Arthur Ney Small Photo Arthur Ney, MD Surgery - Kidney Transplant and Vascular Access
Surgery - General/Trauma
Mark Odland Small Photo Mark Odland, MD Surgery - Kidney Transplant and Vascular Access
Surgery - General/Trauma
Douglas Rausch Small Photo Douglas Rausch, MD Hematology/Oncology
Uzma Samadani Small Photo Uzma Samadani, MD Surgery - Neurosurgery
Peter Schlesinger Small Photo Peter Schlesinger, MD Rheumatology
Andrew Schmidt Small Photo Andrew Schmidt, MD Orthopedics
Anthony Severt Small Photo Anthony Severt, MD Radiology
Robert Shapiro Small Photo Robert Shapiro, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care
John Silkensen Small Photo John Silkensen, MD Nephrology
Mark Sprenkle Small Photo Mark Sprenkle, MD Pulmonary and Critical Care
David Templeman Small Photo David Templeman, MD Orthopedics
Ezgi Tiryaki Small Photo Ezgi Tiryaki, MD Neurology
Dean Tsukayama Small Photo Dean Tsukayama, MD Infectious Diseases
Thomas Varecka Small Photo Thomas Varecka, MD Orthopedics
Erin Warshaw Small Photo Erin Warshaw, MD Dermatology
Richard Zera Small Photo

Richard Zera, MD

Surgery - General/Trauma
Surgery - Oncology