Linda Mabbs Bio Photo

Linda Mabbs, MA, CCC-SLP


Linda is a certified Speech Language Pathology Specialist working primarily with patients who are experiencing cognitive-linguistic impairments and post-concussive symptoms following a traumatic brain injury. She currently works within the Traumatic Brain Injury Program but also has extensive experience with patients having acute and sub-acute symptoms, including cognitive-linguistic, speech/language, and swallowing impairments.Linda received her MA from the University of South Dakota and has worked at HCMC since 2000.

Linda especially enjoys working with patients who have suffered mild brain injuries, whose injuries may not be visible, but who are suffering from a variety of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms which affect their ability to work and perform their daily activities. She also enjoys the multi-disciplinary approach utilized by the Traumatic Brain Injury Program to address all patient needs in helping them return to their lives in the best way possible.