Patricia Castellanos Bio Photo

Patricia Castellanos, PhD, LP


Dr. Castellanos obtained a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Kent State University. She completed a pre-doctoral internship at Hennepin County Medical Center, and a fellowship in Primary Care Behavioral Health at Whittier Clinic.

Dr. Castellanos is a Senior Clinical Psychologist at the Whittier Clinic. She provides brief behavioral health interventions and psychotherapy in English and Spanish. While Dr. Castellanos is a clinical generalist, her particular interests include women's mental health, trauma, anxiety and mood disorders, and management of chronic diseases. Additional interests include working with multicultural patients, including a large immigrant and illiterate population. Dr. Castellanos' research interests include studying romantic relationships of Latina women, relationship factors that contribute to the psychological well-being of women, social support networks, and the impact of acculturation on these topics.