Matthew R. Syzdek, PhD, LP


Dr. Syzdek is an integrated behavioral health provider in the HCMC Coordinated Care Center. He specializes in brief psychological interventions for mental, physical, and chemical health conditions. He completed a PhD in clinical psychology at Clark University in Worcester, MA and a master’s in counseling psychology at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, MA. At HCMC, he treats health conditions with cognitive and behavioral therapies including behavioral activation, exposure therapies, and acceptance and commitment therapy. He also facilitates a psychotherapy group on interpersonal skills that is based on functional analytic psychotherapy. He helps patients with behavior change using motivational interviewing strategies. In addition to treatment, Dr. Syzdek is actively involved in training other health professionals in motivational interviewing and primary care behavioral health interventions. His research interests are in men’s mental health, specifically motivational interventions for help-seeking behaviors.