Jen Moore, PT


Specialty Centers

Jen Moore is a Senior PT in HCMC's Outpatient Physical Therapy Department. She has degrees in Biology and Psychology from Concordia College - Moorhead. She graduated from the University of Minnesota in Physical Therapy in 1985. Her work expertise has always been in the arena of general outpatient orthopedics. She uses an individualized, integrated systems approach to address pain and functional loss related to joint problems, impaired biomechanics, myofascial, neural, and visceral restrictions.

Her special advanced training includes woman's health, manual therapy of the spine and extremities, neural manipulation, breathing and functional movement training. She is part of the Holistic Medicine Team at the Whittier Clinic and collaborates with physicians, chiropractors, dieticians, acupuncture practitioners, and other providers to promote health, healing, and wellness.