Outdoor Preparedness

You wouldn't think of going on a boat ride without enough gas, or a climb without the right equipment. Here are a few simple safety measures that will go a long way.

First Aid Kit

Did you know?

You can turn regular camping equipment into a medical device if needed. For example, a tent pole and duct tape can be used to create a makeshift splint, and clean cotton t-shirts can be used as bandages.

Know where you're going

  • Create a realistic itinerary.
  • Know access points in case of emergency, or in case you need to cut the trip short.
  • Make sure loved ones have your itinerary.
  • Be realistic about the terrain. If you're not an expert, go with someone who is.

Pack like a champ

  • Make sure you have a current map/GPS.
  • Bring gear for activities and weather.
  • Speaking of weather, pack for potential storms and heat as well as what's forecasted.
  • Consider packing a Personal Locator Beacon.

First Aid

  • Make sure to have any prescriptions you might need.
  • Pain management and allergy medication always comes in handy.
  • Bacitracin and iodine, as well as bandages for wounds.