Our Story

The Hennepin Health Foundation was created in the fall of 2009 to engage the community to become part of the mission of Hennepin County Medical Center.

To provide the best possible care to every patient;
to search for new ways to improve care;
to educate healthcare providers for the future;
and to ensure access to healthcare for all.

Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc. operates Hennepin County Medical Center, a comprehensive academic medical center and 462-bed public teaching hospital in downtown Minneapolis. The organization includes several specialty and primary care clinics at the downtown location and six primary care and two convenient care clinics in Minneapolis and surrounding community.

HCMC and its clinics serve as an important statewide resource for trauma and disaster preparedness, training of healthcare providers, as a source of innovative clinical research and health service delivery, and as a major hub of the healthcare safety net in the region.

HCMC unique strengths offer innovative ways for the community to make an impact with their philanthropy. The generosity from Light Up the Night sponsors, guests, and donors will financially support the Foundation’s endeavors to provide aid and comfort to our patients and families, remove barriers to healthcare access, sponsor education initiatives, and impact research tackling some of today’s major health issues.

The Fabric of the Safety Net

Our mission, clinical services, location and diverse patient population make HCMC unique from other hospital systems in the Twin Cities. HCMC provides a significant level of care to low-income, uninsured, and vulnerable populations. In 2012, HCMC provided a community benefit of $115 million dollars, as defined by the Catholic Health Association. We take pride in our commitment to provide access to care for anyone, at anytime, in any condition.

To answer the numerous needs of our patient population, the Hennepin Health Foundation works with social services and patient representatives to provide support for: patient and family transportation, food, clothing, resources for prescriptions and healthcare equipment, and connections to community resources. Our aim is to also spur innovation within our staff to remove barriers to healthcare using technology, new delivery models of primary care, dental health, mental health care, and community health initiatives with diverse community partners.

Healthcare Education and Training

HCMC trains the doctors and nurses who make you healthy, educates the therapists who guide your recovery, instructs the pharmacists who dispense your medicine, and teaches the first responders who save your life.

Over half of all physicians in Minnesota received training at HCMC. At any given time, 90 University of Minnesota medical students and more than 270 residents are training in our hospital and clinics. In all, students from over 140 hospitals, colleges and universities across the world come to HCMC for clinical training. In addition, 20,000 other professionals access our healthcare and disaster preparedness courses each year, including local fire and police departments. Through Hennepin Health Foundation’s Innovation in Medical Education Fund you can ensure there will be a competent and diverse workforce to take care of you and those you love.


Since 1952, The Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation has provided a home where physicians at HCMC can study diseases they see in their patients and develop new treatments to improve their care. Today, over 200 practicing physicians and medical professionals actively investigate the causes and treatments of disease. Insights provided by their research look to lessen the impact of today’s health problems including diabetes, addiction, heart disease, HIV/Aids, traumatic brain injury, and Alzheimer’s.