Transitional Year Residency

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One-year program for anesthesiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and radiology

Because of the limited positions available, we will only be interviewing graduates of:

  • University of Minnesota Medical School—Minneapolis/Duluth
  • Mayo Medical School—Rochester
  • Medical College of Wisconsin—Milwaukee
  • University of Wisconsin—Madison
  • University of North Dakota, School of Medicine—Grand Forks
  • University of South Dakota, Sanford School of Medicine—Sioux Falls
  • University of Iowa Medical College – Iowa City
  • Des Moines University – Des Moines

Broad Clinical Experience with a Large Peer Cohort

About Our Program

For more than 30 years, the Transitional Year Residency at HCMC has provided strong procedural and critical care training to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in anesthesiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and radiology.

As one of the largest, most competitive programs in the U.S., our residents benefit from a peer group of more than twenty other Transitional Year residents, as well as daily collaboration with more than 200 residents and fellows in our best-of-breed medical education programs.

Our emphasis on hands-on experience, integrated technology, and our collegial environment all combine to build teamwork, leadership skills, and confidence for our graduates.

What sets us apart

  • Dedicated peer group. With an average of 24 Transitional Year residents annually, our program provides a unique opportunity for teamwork, discussion, and camaraderie with other residents in the same field of study.
  • Patient diversity. Few healthcare systems provide the range of clinical experience available at HCMC. We operate the region’s Level I Trauma Center and the state’s busiest emergency department, and treat the Twin Cities’ immigrant and underserved population. Every day, residents care for patients from across the spectrum of ethnic and economic backgrounds, with healthcare needs at all levels of severity.
  • Expertise in trauma and critical care After 40 years, our pioneering Emergency Medicine curriculum remains at the forefront of critical care training. Transitional Year residents work in our fast-paced, high-volume Emergency Department, with responsibility for overseeing critical care, directing the initial stabilization of patients, and managing airway interventions, procedural sedation, and other key skills.
  • Fully integrated technology. Our curriculum utilizes the latest systems and tools, from orientation and real-life procedural training in the Interdisciplinary Simulation and Education Center, to ultrasound usage across clinical areas. HCMC operates a completely paperless environment, with complete access to inpatient, outpatient, and advanced radiology technology at all points, through the Epic electronic medical records system.
  • Quality Improvement focus A four-week Quality Improvement study remains one of our most popular electives, where Transitional Year residents produce and present a project that can lead to actual system or process changes at HCMC. These projects also teach discipline of quality improvement, for use in future practice.

About Our Facility

Training takes place at the HCMC campus in downtown Minneapolis. This facility spans five city blocks and houses in-patient and ambulatory services, our Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center, and numerous specialty clinics. We provide the full spectrum of care for patients, from primary care to hospitalization through rehabilitation.

Our Emergency Department handles cases at all levels of severity, including day-to-day emergencies and disaster response. To serve our multi-cultural population, we operate clinics in Somali, Russian, and Spanish, and employ a staff of more than 40 full-time interpreters.

Contact Us

ShursonJudith.jpg Judi Shurson
Transitional Year Residency Co-Coordinator
Katie Dolan Admin Photo Katie Dolan
Transitional Year Residency Co-Coordinator
Matthew Young Bio Photo Matthew Young, MD
Transitional Year Residency Program Director
WalshMeghan_275.jpg Meghan Walsh, MD
Transitional Year Residency Assistant Program Director
Hennepin County Medical Center
701 Park Avenue
Mail Code G2.246
Minneapolis, MN 55415
The Transitional Year Residency Program is ACGME accredited.
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