Psychiatry Residency: Faculty

Experienced Faculty Focused on Teaching

About Our Faculty

More than 20 core faculty lead the Psychiatry Residency at HCMC and Regions Hospital. Our teaching faculty are all full-time clinicians, with a passion for treating the mentally ill. As a group they represent decades of experience in psychiatry and psychiatric sub-specialties. We consider it a privilege to teach the next generation of mental health professionals as an essential function of our daily practice.

Program Leadership

Areas of Expertise

Every day our faculty share their dedication and expertise in a variety of key disciplines.

Discipline Faculty
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Dr. Susan Cavanaugh
Dr. John Darling
Dr. Brien Godfrey
Dr. Steven Harker
Dr. David Mair
Dr. Julie Peterson
Dr. Walter Rush
Dr. John Vuchetich
Acute Psychiatric Services Dr. Kathleen Heaney (HCMC)
Dr. Foster Renwick (HCMC)
Addiction Psychiatry Dr. Kathleen Heaney (HCMC)
Child Psychiatry Dr. Caromyr Figueroa (HCMC)
Dr. Jasleen Gill (Health Partners)
Dr. Michael Koch (HCMC)
Dr. In-Lin Tuan (Health Partners)
Dr. John Wermager (HCMC)

Forensic Psychiatry

Dr. Ian Heath (HCMC)
Dr. Lorri Sills (HCMC)
Inpatient Psychiatry Dr. Elisha Arata (Regions)
Dr. Miriam Brown (Regions)
Dr. Christina Frazel (HCMC)
Dr. Ian Heath (HCMC)
Dr. Mahesh Kumar (Regions)
Dr. Nicholas Rogers (HCMC) 
Dr. Amitabh Tipnis (HCMC)
Outpatient Clinic (various metro sites) Dr. Jeanne Bailey (HCMC)
Dr. James Chastek (Ramsey County Mental Health Center)
Dr. Eric Goad (HCMC)
Dr. Michael Harlow (HCMC)
Dr. Noel Jarvis (Ramsey County Mental Health Center)
Dr. Barbara Johnson (HCMC)
Dr. Erica Mitchell (HCMC)
Dr. Sudhir Reddy (Health Partners Regions Behavioral Health – Maplewood)
Dr. Leena Ranade (Ramsey County Mental Health Center)
Dr. Alex Stegeman (Ramsey County Mental Health Center)
Dr. Laura Van Cleve (HCMC)
Dr. Ngozi Wamuo (HCMC)
Dr. Allison Williams (Health Partners Riverside Behavioral Health Clinic)
Dr. Stamatis Zeris (HCMC)
Partial Hospital (HCMC) Dr. Brent Walden (HCMC)
Psychosomatic Medicine Dr. Eduardo Colón (HCMC)
Dr. J.J. Rasimas (HCMC)
Dr. John Wermager (HCMC)