Internal Medicine Residency

Resident-led training, outstanding teaching, and a program with a mission.

About Our Program

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Residents and faculty choose HCMC for three big reasons—resident involvement in all aspects of care, outstanding teaching, and our dedication to care of the underserved.

Residents are the core of our institution. We view residents as leaders in change and HCMC serves a unique role that is unlike any other residency. We are a single site urban teaching hospital with a long history of involving residents in change. We have succeeded by harnessing resident ideas to improve patient care, enhance medical education, and improve HCMC as a whole. Residents are the institution.

Residents also choose HCMC because of our core teaching faculty. Our faculty is recognized regionally and nationally for teaching excellence and is dedicated to providing a caring but challenging learning environment. Having created a diverse formal curriculum, we are early adopters of novel teaching methods, including small group teaching and simulation. Our graduates are well-trained in complex patient care, but also gain valuable teaching in quality improvement and meaningful clinical research.

Lastly, residents choose HCMC because of the unique population that we serve. As Minnesota’s only public teaching hospital, HCMC serves a complex urban population including numerous immigrant communities, while also serving as a referral center for rural patients with complex diseases. Residents learn to care for common diseases, rare conditions, as well as practicing immigrant health, and learning how to incorporate the social determinants of health into care plans.

As one of our faculty noted, people end up at HCMC “for a reason.” Our residents and faculty choose HCMC because they love to teach, they seek out a role in caring for a complex, high needs population and they know at HCMC they can be a part of an institution that values residents at all levels.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Multi-cultural perspective. Few U.S. sites offer the rich diversity of patient experience that HCMC provides. As the region’s safety net hospital, residents interact daily with patients speaking dozens of languages and presenting pathology from cardiovascular disease to tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Beyond our borders, our established Global Health curriculum and Global Health Pathways electives enable residents to train in places as diverse as Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, Pakistan, and South Africa.
  • Primary Care track. Our Primary Care Pathway provides focused teaching in outpatient management, ambulatory procedures, chronic care management, and practice management for residents interested in a primary care career.
  • Educational Innovations site. The Internal Medicine Residency program is one of only 21 in the country selected by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) as an "Educational Innovation" demonstration site. Our curriculum serves as a model for programs around the country looking to enhance patient safety and outcomes. HCMC has participated since the project’s inception in 2005.
  • Collegial academic environment. Every day, our residents work side-by-side with medical students, fellows, faculty, and specialists from numerous disciplines—a mix that encourages constant discussion, analysis, and a scholarly approach to patient problems. More than 200 physicians train full-time in HCMC programs, and another 100 medical students and professionals rotate at HCMC each month, providing ample opportunity for supervision and collaboration. As an academic system, we maintain a long tradition of cooperative teamwork that leads to great patient care.
  • Cutting-edge equipment. Our facility and our curriculum integrate the latest technology. Residents learn and utilize our Epic Electronic Medical Records system, interdisciplinary simulation and education center, and other state-of-the-art tools. We also offer bedside ultrasound training.
  • Employment and fellowship opportunities. Our internists are continually in demand for top clinical positions. Others go on to obtain subspecialty fellowships across the country. Over the last decade, we’ve achieved over 95% fellowship placement success for our alumni.

About Our Facility

Internal Medicine residents benefit from HCMC’s single-site campus, which spans five city blocks in downtown Minneapolis and houses in-patient and ambulatory services, our Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center, the region’s highest volume Emergency Department, and numerous specialty clinics—all within a single facility. We operate clinics in Somali, Russian, and Spanish, and employ a staff of 40 full-time interpreters to support our diverse patient base.

Internal Medicine Department Facts

  • All subspecialties represented
  • Inpatient service of approximately 140 beds
  • Admit about 900 patients per month
  • Clinical outcomes exceed national benchmark experiences

Contact us

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Michelle Herbers

Program Coordinator
Phone: 612-873-4733

Hennepin County Medical Center
Medicine Education Program, G5
701 Park Avenue South
Minneapolis MN 55415

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The Internal Medicine Residency at HCMC is ACGME accredited.