Internal Medicine Residency

Exceptional clinical training, outstanding teaching, research opportunities, and a program with a mission to care for diverse and vulnerable populations

About Our Program

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HCMC residents are the cornerstone of the institution. They have ownership over patient care decisions, lead ward and consult teams, run CODES, play key roles in quality improvement, and promote innovation in medical education and health care delivery. They foster a welcoming environment, first and foremost for our patients, but equally for co-residents, students, hospital and clinic staff. Resident play a central role in making HCMC the single-most requested teaching site for University of Minnesota medical students every year.

Hennepin’s teaching faculty are regionally and nationally-recognized, and hold academic appointments at the University of Minnesota. Our formal curriculum includes large and small-group teaching, bedside and procedural training, ultrasound training, simulation, on-line learning and procedural training. Education at HCMC is hands-on, challenging, interdisciplinary and meaningful, with excellent mentorship and support from peers, fellows, faculty, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and therapists. Graduates train in a collegial environment, are well-prepared to care for diverse populations, and have opportunities to develop valuable skills in quality improvement, bedside ultrasound, procedures, clinical research and global medicine.

As a Level I Trauma Center, and Minnesota’s only public teaching hospital, HCMC cares for a very unique urban patient base. We serve the largest Medicaid population by percentage in America, including numerous immigrant communities, and function as a referral center for rural Minnesotans with traumatic injuries and complex acute and chronic diseases. Residents provide extraordinary service to the community as they learn to manage a broad range of common and rare conditions, address social determinants of health, and advocate for vulnerable populations.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Few U.S. sites can offer the rich diversity of patient experience HCMC provides. As the region’s safety net hospital, HCMC serves patients who speak dozens of languages and present with everything from ischemic heart disease and stroke to tuberculosis, cholera, complex autoimmune illnesses, common and rare malignancies, and HIV/AIDS. We have one of the largest hospital interpreter programs in the nation. Beyond our institutional borders, the established Global Health curriculum and Global Health electives enable residents to learn more about international health care delivery and travel to places as diverse as Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Peru, Laos, Cameroon, Pakistan and South Africa. Our Migrant Health elective, the first of its kind in America, allows residents to embed with rural migrant workers in Minnesota and learn about their unique social and medical challenges.
  • Simulation, Bedside Ultrasound and Procedural Training: We have a state-of-the-art Simulation Center with task trainers for a wide variety of procedures, as well as on-line and in-person resources for learning and mastering bedside ultrasound and developing competency in central and A-line placement, paracentesis, thoracentesis and other procedures.
  • Clinical Research: Residents are assigned to research mentors and connected to existing projects or guided toward new lines of inquiry. Residents have built databases in EPIC, worked within existing clinical trials or registries, published articles in top journals, and presented scholarly work at regional and national meetings in preparation for fellowships or careers. HCMC has its own research arm, the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation, with statistical support, faculty expertise and other scholarly resources to accommodate every interest and experience level.
  • Primary Care track. Our pathway, started by Dr. Tseganesh Selameab in 2010 and now led by Dr. Carla Schultz, allows residents interested in a career in primary care to rotate at additional outpatient sites, further develop ambulatory procedural skills, and receive focused education in chronic disease and practice management.
  • Employment and Fellowship Opportunities: Roughly half of our graduates go on to fellowships, and place in competitive programs across the country. Our primary care and hospitalist graduates go on to jobs across the country as well, and are in high demand for challenging clinical positions.
  • Environment of Wellness: Residents work shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of medical students, fellows, faculty and ancillary staff in a mission-driven, academic learning environment. Serving on the front lines of patient care and making complex medical decisions is challenging, formative, and our foundation for wellness. Residents, faculty and staff share a mission to serve the community, and while doing so provide extraordinary support to each other. Residents in our program have very high rates of wellness, peer support, job satisfaction and appreciation, which we’ve been measuring annually since 2014. We have made changes to support residents’ well-being without compromising their ownership over critical patient decisions. There is a dedicated Office for Provider Wellness at HCMC, led by Dr. Mark Linzer, a national expert in provider burnout.
  • Educational Innovations Project (EIP). Our program was competitively chosen, along with 20 other internal medicine residencies across America, to participate in an ACGME collaborative focused on curriculum innovation in continuity clinic for a decade. We continue to be early adopters of novel teaching and learning methods as we prepare a wide variety of graduates for future practice.

Our Facility

HCMC is a Level 1 Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center, with a campus spanning five city blocks in downtown Minneapolis. We have the busiest Emergency Department in the region, as well as a brand new ambulatory building for all outpatient surgeries and procedures. In the past ten years, the MICU, SICU, Burn Unit, dialysis unit, Rapid Treatment Unit for observation patients and Simulation Center were either rebuilt or renovated.

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Michelle Herbers

Program Coordinator
Phone: 612-873-4733

Hennepin County Medical Center
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The Internal Medicine Residency at HCMC is ACGME accredited.