Psychology Internship: Faculty

The Psychology training faculty values the opportunity to work closely with interns in supervision. While all staff has adopted an "open door policy," interns are assigned several specific supervisors. Each intern has a primary supervisor who serves as a mentor and coordinates the training experience for the intern throughout the training year. For the Adult interns, the primary supervisor also provides supervision of therapy; for the Child interns, the primary supervisor provides supervision for either assessment or therapy.

All interns receive additional supervision/consultation by attending weekly supervision groups; currently there is a supervision group for psychological evaluations for bariatric weight loss as well as a general case discussion/consultation group. Interns also participate in post-group discussions with the staff therapist or facilitator after group therapy sessions. During the quarterly rotations, interns work with and are supervised by staff associated with that rotation (e.g., during the Acute Psychiatric Services (APS) rotation interns are supervised by an APS staff member). Other elective rotations, such as Neuropsychology, are supervised by the specific staff on those services.

Our Faculty