Graduate Medical Education: Alumni Updates

The Alumni Update Form is intended for outgoing graduates, past graduates of HCMC residency and fellowship programs and medical staff alumni.

Outgoing graduates

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Enter your post-graduation personal and professional contact information in the sections below. Then complete ONE of the sections, as appropriate: Section A if you will be entering medical practice at an institution other than HCMC OR Section B if you will be entering a non-HCMC residency or fellowship program OR Section C if you will be continuing on at HCMC as a fellow or as medical staff.

Past residency/fellowship graduates

Enter your personal contact information in the top section, the program/department name, years of your residency/fellowship training at HCMC, and your current employment information in Section A.

Medical staff alumni

Medical staff include those who worked at HCMC but did not do residency/fellowship training at HCMC.
Enter your personal contact information in the top section, choose "non-applicable" for program name and years of residency/fellowship training, and enter your current employment information in Section A.

To all

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To enter or change your preferences for information and updates, please complete the checkboxes in Section D.

By providing this information you agree to allow HCMC/HHF to use the information you provide for HCMC/HHF alumni activities, to be aggregated for Annual Reporting and for CMS auditing purposes. Your privacy is important to us and the information you provide here will not be used for anything outside these specified activities.

If you have questions or problems with this form, please call 612-873-4093.

Also, make sure to check your contact information in the National Plan Provider and Enumeration System. This national system needs to be updated with your current work contact information in order for others (i.e., providers, companies, pharmacies, etc.) to have your updated information in their systems. This will help alleviate faxes and other communication being sent to HCMC in error.