Newborn Intensive Care Unit

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A Community of Caring for Our Tiniest Patients

The 21-bed Level IIIB Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) provides the highest level of care in a warm and nurturing environment to infants in distress at birth, those requiring close observation, and those transferred from other facilities for treatment of neonatal diseases. Because we are uniquely located within the Birth Center and staffed around the clock, we are available to delivering mothers at a moment's notice.

The NICU is staffed by a comprehensive team of specialists that includes Neonatologists, Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, Neonatal Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, a Pediatric Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Social Worker, and dedicated Public Health Nurse. For more information about each team member's role, visit our Team page.

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Our unit offers advanced respiratory support for babies with breathing difficulties, including high frequency ventilation and inhaled nitric oxide. We provide cardiac and respiratory monitoring equipment as well as laboratory and imaging facilities such as X-ray, CT, and MRI. We have a Lactation Consultant and an Occupational Therapist who work with families for success in their infant's growth and development. We also have a social worker whose sole responsibility is to help our NICU families, and we provide pastoral care by request. Read more about our Services and Facilities.

Surgical facilities are provided by the Pediatric Surgical Group from Children's Hospital, Minneapolis. Pediatric Subspecialty care is provided by physicians from HCMC; the Children's Hospital, Minneapolis; and the University of Minnesota.

We are the recipient of generous donations from the Radke Twins Funds.