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Occupational Therapy

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After an illness or injury, participation in the daily activities one was accustomed to performing can be challenging such as eating, dressing, working, playing, attending school and leisure. Occupational therapy focuses on therapy aimed at retraining, modifying a task or adapting the environment for patients to become and remain independent. "Occupations" refer to the everyday activities that people do as individuals, in families and with communities and occupational therapists develop customized patient-focused plans for rehabilitation.

HCMC has excellent comprehensive occupational therapy care for both inpatients and outpatients and treats all ages. Therapy at HCMC is multidisciplinary and patient-focused working on the patient’s goals from the very beginning of their journey.

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Patients commonly referred to Occupational Therapy include:

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Occupational Therapists may provide education and training to improve or develop skills in the following areas:

  • Daily living skills such as eating, preparing meals, driving, dressing, cleaning, personal hygiene
  • Adaptive equipment usage – for example, to help with dressing or using bathroom equipment
  • Assessment and modification of an environment to improve safety and independence
  • Cognitive skills including memory, problem solving, safety and judgment
  • Motor skills such as strength and coordination
  • Neuro-vision Therapy
  • Play and motor development

Occupational Therapists are also experts in splinting and can provide or fabricate splints for various injuries or diagnoses.

All Occupational Therapists at HCMC hold either a Bachelors (BA, BS) or Masters (MS, MOT) level of education and meet the standards of licensure and certification. Many therapists have specialty certifications or special interests in areas such as splinting, neuro-rehabilitation, neuro-vision rehabilitation, hand therapy, pediatrics, burn therapy and many others.

Interpreter services are available.