American Indian Cancer Screenings

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in the USA. Annually, it kills more patients than the next three most common cancer (breast, prostate and colon) combined.

Goal: To find lung cancer early

American Indian Lung Cancer Man Closeup Photo

Our goal is to find lung cancer early, before it has a chance to grow or spread, and to increase the likelihood of successful treatment.

Hennepin County Medical Center is giving free lung cancer screenings to American Indians who meet the following criteria:

  • Between 55-79 years old
  • Identify as American Indian
  • Have 30 years of smoking:
    • 1 pack a day for 30 years, or
    • 2 packs a day for 15 years, or
    • 3 packs a day for 10 years
  • Current smoker or have quit smoking within the last 15 years
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This program is funded through grant support by A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. All qualified participants who complete the screening will receive a gas card worth $25. Gas cards can be obtained in the Comprehensive Cancer Center.

You don’t have to do it for yourself. You can do it for your loved ones.

Hesitant? Want to learn more about the procedure?

For more information or to schedule your screening, call 612-873-4269 and mention "Breath of Hope".

Additional information can be found on the Lung Cancer Screenings page.