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We admit patients with burn injury, frostbite, hypothermia, inhalation injury, plastic reconstruction, complex wounds, surgical procedures, and patients with epidermal loss from various medical conditions.

Burn rehabilitation begins during the acute treatment phase and may last days to months to years, depending on the extent of the burn. Each program is different. The goals of a burn rehabilitation program include helping the patient return to the highest level of function and independence possible, while improving the overall quality of life–physically, emotionally, and socially.

Inpatients receive:

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  • Access to a wide range of multi-disciplinary specialties, including general and plastic surgeons, burn ICU nurses, adult and pediatric intensivists, rehabilitation medicine physicians, trauma psychology and other supportive specialists.
  • Dietary and nutrition support focused on promoting healing and recovery
  • Support and coordination of care including access to counselors, chaplain and social services.

Hennepin Burn Center

Inpatient Care
Our newly remodeled facility adds the latest technology and personalized care to our 30+ years of expertise, ensuring the kind of care that leads to better recovery.

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The Hennepin Burn Center is a 17-bed unit that has received verification from the American Burn Association and American College of Surgeons. In addition to the inpatient unit, there are hydrotherapy facilities and an adjacent Acute Burn and Wound Clinic. The Burn Center provides intensive, acute and rehabilitative care for adult and pediatric patients. A multidisciplinary team approach is used for all burn unit patients.

A new Hyperbaric Medicine unit opened on the Hennepin County Medical Center campus in 2012, providing the only chamber in the state available for 24/7 hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Patients and their families visiting the Burn Center have access to the latest treatments as well as a caring supportive staff that put patients and their family’s needs first. We understand the impact that a traumatic burn injury can have and provide the resources and emotional support necessary to begin our patients and their families on the road to recovery.

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Outpatient Care
The Acute Burn and Wound Clinic is a specialty clinic that provides comprehensive treatment and management of the patient with a variety of wounds. These wounds include burns, surgical wounds, ulcers and traumatic wounds. Nursing staff provides inpatient nursing consultations on wound management and phone triage. The clinic also provides service to patients needing antibiotic therapy. Clinic visits range from daily to weekly. Referrals can be made 24/7.


Physical and occupational therapists work with patients on functional abilities to help them return to daily life and the things that they love to do.