Tobacco-Free Campus

Proud to be Tobacco Free

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In keeping with our mission to improve the health and wellness of our community, Hennepin County Medical Center is a tobacco-free campus. Tobacco use and secondhand smoke are leading causes of illness and death. Our patients, employees, and visitors should be able to access our services without being exposed to a known health threat when they walk to and from our buildings.

Where is tobacco restricted?

Tobacco use is not allowed anywhere on HCMC property, including sidewalks surrounding HCMC, off-site clinics, parking ramps, inside vehicles in parking ramps, parking lots, and vehicles owned or leased by HCMC. We do not have a designated smoking area.

To whom does the policy apply?

Everyone on HCMC property, including employees, patients, visitors, volunteers, vendors, contractors, etc.

I smoke and have a hospitalization coming up. What should I do?

Please discuss your tobacco use with your healthcare provider before your hospitalization. If you experience any discomfort during your stay, we will offer nicotine replacement therapies and other resources.

Resources for HCMC Patients

Talk with your health care provider. They can refer you to the array of tobacco cessation resources we offer at HCMC, including:

Resources for Everyone