Keeping Kids Safe Around Guns

At HCMC, our goal is to help all children grow up to be healthy, happy and reaching their full potential. Our staff provides parents and children tips, tools and tactics on a variety of topics to keep children healthy and injury free.

If guns are in your home, or the home of family or friends where your children will be spending time, there are a variety of safety measures that can greatly reduce the risk of an accident.

Two Kids Graphic
  • Always store guns in a locked location out of reach of children. A lock box or a gun safe are two options for securely storing guns.
  • Store ammunition in a completely separate location, which is locked and out of reach of children.
  • Guns should be equipped with effective child-restraint locks, such as trigger locks, or cable locks. Be sure the firearms are unloaded when applying these locks.
  • If someone visiting your home has a gun, be sure to store it in a locked location which is out of reach of children.
  • Educate your children, and others about gun safety:
    • Explain that guns and violence children may see on TV or a video game is not the same as real life.
    • Teach children to stay away from guns, not to touch them, and to tell an adult immediately if they see a gun.
    • Talk to your friends, family and other parents about gun safety.  If your child is going to be spending time or playing in someone else’s home, take the time to ask the adults in that home about guns and gun safety. 
    • When your children are old enough, have them participate in formal gun safety training.

Additional information on gun safety can be found on the following websites: