Asthma Resources

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Managing Asthma videos

View 8 short videos to help you manage your asthma. (YouTube)

  1. Introduction
  2. Managing asthma
  3. Using a metered-dose inhaler without a holding chamber
  4. Using a metered-dose inhaler with a holding chamber
  5. Using a metered-dose inhaler with a holding chamber and mask
  6. Using a Diskus
  7. Using a Flexhaler
  8. Using a Nebulizer
Asthma: Photo of father and son, English page

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Managing Asthma Handout (condensed)

My Asthma Guide

View a guide to help manage your asthma.

Asthma Action Plan with Asthma Triggers

Every person with asthma should have a written Asthma Action Plan. It's a written guide that tells you what to do when your asthma changes. Ask your health care provider for an Asthma Action Plan if you don't have one. Here is a blank Asthma Action Plan.

Daily Asthma Record

Keep track of your asthma symptoms and peak flow readings. Bring it to your asthma check ups.

Asthma Control Test

Asthma: Photo of young family, English page

The Asthma Control Test is a quick test to know if your asthma is in control. Fill it out and bring it to your asthma visits to discuss with your doctor.

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Disclaimer: The information in these programs will help you manage your asthma. If you have questions about your medical treatment, please contact your health care provider.