Mother-Baby Outpatient Groups

Mother-Baby Connections Group

The 10-week Mother-Baby Connections Group meets once a week for two hours. The group provides an opportunity for mothers to connect for support while building skills for emotional health and connection with baby. The group curriculum is driven by skills and topics that are especially relevant to pregnant women and mothers with young children, and incorporates skills from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and the attachment-based parent education curriculum, Circle of Security ©. Group members are encouraged to connect with individual therapy, psychiatry, and community supports while participating in the program. Babies under 12 months are welcome to attend. Contact the Mother-Baby Program at 612-873-MAMA (6262) to schedule an intake.

Mother-Baby Writing Group for Parents Involved with Child Protection

A 10-week therapeutic writing group for mothers involved with the child protection system, facilitated by a Mother-Baby staff member. This group will be a safe place to reflect on experiences, connect with other women, and find support in understanding or managing a stressful time or experience. Contact the Mother-Baby Program at 612-873-MAMA (6262) to learn more.

Please check with your insurance provider for coverage of outpatient mental health group psychotherapy. All groups are facilitated by a Mother-Baby psychotherapist.