MVNA Home Care

MVNA provides a full range of home health care services for clients including home health visits for adults with acute and chronic medical conditions. Our nursing staff receives ongoing educational training to update their clinical knowledge and technical skills. MVNA's in-home care is safe, effective and of a high clinical quality that meets all medical practice standards.

Nursing care

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  • Professional nursing case management
  • Skilled nursing care for acute, chronic and maintenance level needs
  • Skilled observation and assessment of vital signs, response to medications and treatments
  • Instruction in safe home management of various acute and chronic diseases or disabling conditions
  • Instruction in self-care and disease process for diabetes, lung, and heart disease
  • Instruction in gastric feeding tubes, ostomy, ileostomy and colostomy care
  • Post-surgical care, wound care and blood draws
  • Bowel and incontinence care
  • Administration of intramuscular/subcutaneous injections
  • Administration and instruction in IV (intravenous) therapies
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy
  • Referral to hospice
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Home health aides work under the direction of a Registered Nurse (RN). They help with day-to-day personal care, bathing and ambulation. They also provide nutritional, social and emotional support.

Therapy services such as physical, occupational and speech therapists provide in home assessments and therapies to optimize your ability to remain safely in your home.

Social Workers

Our licensed Social Worker is available to help navigate a variety of issues from housing to applying for disability.

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Payment for services

MVNA accepts a variety of health insurance plans, including:

  • Medicare
  • Medical Assistance
  • Medica
  • UCare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • MHP
  • Others

MVNA's prior authorization department can help to determine if your services will be covered by your insurance. MVNA also offers a sliding fee scale.

How to get services started

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A doctor’s order is required to receive services. Your doctor can call an order in by telephone to our Intake Department at 612-617-4700, or the doctor’s order can be faxed to 612-617-4781.