Hennepin Bariatric Center: Evaluation Process


Call 612-873-5479 (or 1-888-873-5479 toll free) to make an appointment for one of our group informational seminars and to meet your bariatric surgeon.


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The informational seminars are held on Friday mornings, starting at 8:00AM. The first seminar is presented by the director of our weight loss surgery program. You will learn the details of the disease of obesity, from the way it may affect you, to how you can ultimately beat it and live a healthier lifestyle.

Your physician will emphasize the benefits of weight loss surgery but also tell you that alternatives to surgery for patients for whom surgery may not be appropriate.

The second seminar is presented by a registered dietitian and is intended to educate you on the dietary needs you will have during and after obesity surgery, as well as the need for lifetime vitamin supplementation.

These two seminars will last a total of 90 minutes. We highly encourage child care arrangements to be made for the seminars.

Feedback from you

When you schedule your appointment for the seminars, the obesity program staff will send you a brochure describing the obesity surgery options along with a health history questionnaire. Please read the brochure carefully, complete the questionnaire and bring them with you to the seminars.

Planning for your surgery

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After you attend the seminars, you will meet with a member of the obesity program staff to review your medical and obesity history, confirm your health insurance coverage and educate you about any special requirements your health insurance may have for approval of weight loss surgery. No procedures are scheduled until we have received a written, authorized approval from your insurer.

Patients who would like to learn more about weight loss surgery and start their evaluation for surgery, will meet with one of our physicians after the seminars for a personal, one-to-one surgical consultation.

Please plan to spend all morning with us in order to have time to attend the seminars, meet with the staff, and have your personal consultation.

After Care

After your obesity surgery, we have a complete after-care program we invite you to take part in. We have regular follow-up visits scheduled for you with our surgeons, our bariatric program internal medicine doctors, our nutritionists, and our other specialists. These follow-up visits are tailored to your individuals needs. Additionally, you are invited to attend our support group which meets regularly to talk with others who have also undergone weight loss surgery.