Specialized medical imaging is no longer just for people who are ill. Our radiology staff offer the latest technology geared toward preventive medicine and the most advanced imaging equipment and techniques. We also assist your physician in the diagnosis and treatment of known or suspected illness.

Radiologists interpret studies involving x-rays, CT Scans, mammography, angioplasty, ultrasound, MRI, interventional and other special procedures. The department’s Mobile Radiology van provides state-of-the-art medical imaging services to HCMC’s community clinics.

Our Services

Mammography Services

To get a mammogram, you will first need a referral from your provider. Then you may schedule an appointment at any of our locations by calling 612-873-6963. For more information about breast exams and mammograms, access the Mammogram Screenings page.

Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan

A CT Scan is a cross-sectional x-ray that provides a detailed image of areas including soft tissue, organs, and major blood vessels. 612-873-2065

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There are two fluoroscopy rooms in radiology. Fluoroscopy is the use of "live" x-rays. For example, we are able to image patients when they swallow barium, which is monitored as it goes to the abdomen. There are a lot of exciting changes that are happening in this area in P4 radiology: We have a new room and another new room will be constructed in the near future. This room is also a back-up room for interventional radiology for Myelograms. 612-873-7476 or 873-2807

General Radiology

General Radiology involves producing standard x-rays both in the department and with portable equipment. We also use live x-ray in the Operating Room and Emergency Room with the use of our c-arm equipment. If a patient has a foreign body, needs a fractured bone repaired, or a line placed, a c-arm is used to visualize the area for the surgeons or physicians.

General Radiology is located in three areas: Purple 4, Red 1 (Emergency Department), and Green 1 next to the Cancer Center and Orthopaedic Clinic. 612-873-2089


Hennepin has added a new, state-of-the-art, flat-detector biplane neuroangiography suite to its imaging and interventional capabilities for diagnosing and treating stroke, carotid artery disease and other vascular disorders. It’s a fully digital system that enables phy-sicians to capture and view detailed 3D images of a patient’s vascular structure, providing faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. 612-873-5784

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Whittier Imaging MRI Patient Tech

MRI is a sophisticated scanning technique allowing physicians to "see" inside the body to diagnose illness or injury. It can provide clear images along any body plane. The process doesn't use ionizing radiation, so it is safe for children and women of childbearing age. 612-873-3674

View a video about what to expect at your MRI. All videos are on YouTube. This video is available in four languages:


The mammography department is located in the G1 Radiology area. Our state-of-the-art digital mammography systems uses even less radiation than the traditional film mammography and takes digital images that can be manipulated to focus on specific areas. We serve a multi-cultural group of patients in the community and participate in a number of special programs to ensure all women have the opportunity to have a mammogram. We have a new area for patients that is next to the Cancer Center. The waiting room is comfortable and has a flat screen television for patients while they wait. It makes it convenient if a patient has a questionable area on their breast, they can have an ultrasound and biopsy in one area. 612-873-4185

Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine Department is located in the G1 Radiology Department. When a patient has a Nuclear Medicine study, they are injected with a radioactive tracer that tags to the organ of interest and the equipment images "abnormal areas" in the body. Depending on the illness it can detect brain death, pulmonary emboli, stress fractures, abnormal blood flow and cancer within the body. In spring 2009, we will be adding a PET/CT Big Bore scanner to the Nuclear Medicine Department. It is the newest imaging modality in the field of radiology. 612-873-2764

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The Ultrasound Department is located in the G1 Radiology Department. The department provides general abdominal, obstetrical, gynecology, vascular (venous and arterial), pediatric neurology, TCDs, and breast imaging. Patients are scanned in the department, emergency department or in the inpatient room with the portable machine. 612-873-4500