Opportunity to Grow

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) recognizes that our employees are our most important asset, and that our success depends on our people. We appreciate our employees' contributions and are dedicated to offering ongoing learning and development opportunities throughout their careers - as jobs, technology, and procedures change. We provide them with the opportunity to enhance their awareness, strengthen their knowledge, and develop the necessary skills to be successful in their roles.

Human Resources Opportunity to Grow SIM Center Students Photo

Our instructor-led trainings and online learning includes:

  • Professional Employee Development
  • Management/Leadership Development
  • Computer Skills
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Team Building

HCMC also offers a tuition reimbursement program for its benefit-earning employees. The tuition reimbursement program is designed to help employees:

  • Improve performance in current position
  • Pursue continuing education
  • Pursue education to change careers within the medical center
  • Stay abreast of current developments and information in their field
  • Achieve HCMC’s mission, goals and objectives